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Fantasy Hero Personality Quiz

I've made a story with 5 Heroes, which takes place in a fantasy world. Each one is very different from the others. Which one do you fit the best?
First: gender?
Now your age: (Optional)
Where do you currently live? (Optional)
Okay, most of these questions will ask what your life would be like if you lived in the world where the story takes place. I'll specify the ones that don't.
Got it.
Don't got it.
First: If you lived in this fantasy world, what kind of environment would best suit you for living in?
A warm jungle with lots of animals, plants, and pools of water.
Cold, mountainous tundra with lots of caves and dungeons to explore.
Near a desert oasis; hot but incredibly relaxing most of the time.
In a marsh with plenty of water and mostly warm weather.
Mildly cold, open plains with a small beach by the ocean.
2. Assuming you DON'T have to build it, what type of house would you like the most?
A large mansion hidden underwater or underground, with tunnels leading to the surface.
A large, above-ground mansion with walls and security measures to keep intruders out.
A seemingly simple home with hidden underground passages; it's a lot bigger than it seems.
A pyramid-shaped mansion, decorated like an ancient building with underground rooms.
A house perched on top of a mountain or strong trees, giving an amazing view of the land around me.
3. Of course, worlds with "fantasy" in them need monsters. What would be your choice of weapon and weapon enchantments?
A greatsword that easily breaks armor and sends the toughest of enemies flying with one slash.
A crossbow that magically conjures bolts that are ready to fire.
A long dagger that easily punctures even the toughest of armor and that can also sense worthwhile loot on an enemy.
I would use magic and potions as my main "weapons".
A bow that immediately ignites all arrows it shoots with a blazing flame.
4. What kind of animal companion would you have?
Horse; great for traveling and stomping on enemies.
Wolf; fights alongside you and obeys your every command.
Wildcat; scares off some weaker monsters just by being present.
Animal companion? Don't need one.
Giant Spider; not terribly obedient, but includes helpful poisons in battle.
5. How far would you mind being from the nearest town?
I probably won't need to visit town. It's really far away.
Close enough that I can make frequent trips between my home and the town if I needed to.
No more than an hour's walk away.
Far enough that it'd take a good portion of day to get there by foot.
About 2 1/2 hours away, assuming the right weather conditions.
6. Provided good weather conditions, how would you generally dress while going around your local area? (Assume the nearest REAL town is the selection you chose above. Also, by local I mean whether it be wilderness or civilization within a mile or so of your home.)
I'd cover most of my body in some type of cloth wrappings, with gloves, boots, and something covering my mouth.
Very comfortably. I'd wear a short-sleeved or sleeveless shirt (Or no shirt for boys), sweatpants or shorts, with shoes, sandals, or even bare feet.
I'd choose clothes that are nice-looking, but that I wouldn't mind getting dirty. (Buttoned shirt, dark pants (Or old skirt for girls), ect.)
Always battle-ready, I'd be wearing some type of chain shirt, boots, gauntlet/gloves, ect. under my normal clothes.
I'd dress in dark, simple clothes (On top of leather protection) and shoes, with a belt and bag for carrying things.
7. How would you make your living in this world?
I would retrieve my resources as I see fit. Sometimes by stealing from those who can afford to lose a few things.
I'd be the "businessman." I gather my resources and trade with townsfolk so I can buy my food and necessities.
I'd be the adventurer- exploring caves, looting dungeons, shredding through monsters... that would be my life.
I would grow and gather my own food, find my own resources, discover my own treasures... I see no reason to spend my time doing trades.
My methods would vary depending on my situation. I'd use food and resources vary sparingly so I can focus on more important things.
8. Imagine that you're inside an ancient ruin, and discover a portal that opens up to another dimension. What would be your main incentive for exploring the other world?
New world = New Monsters = New Dungeons = New Loot = More fun.
Maybe this world is familiar with magic? Might find a few spells or relics in there.
I'm interested in the kinds of natural resources and strange creatures that this world has.
I just want to be the first to explore this new place. Maybe keep an artifact as a trophy.
There's probably a lot of unclaimed treasure in that world- undoubtedly worth a fortune.
9. What kind of dungeon would you like to explore the most?
If there are hordes of monsters that I can sweep through, I'm all for it!
The ancient ruins of past kingdoms have always interested me.
I'm all over any place that's dark and shrouded in mystery.
The kind of dungeons filled with puzzles that really make you think.
I'm not really into dungeon-crawling. I'd like to stay up here where I can see, thank you.
10. There are several types of rare creatures you can find in this world. Pretend that you took up the challenge to find and defeat one. Which of the monsters listed below would you choose to locate and defeat?
A sorceress who lives in the center of a gigantic marsh, filled with monsters. Her magical abilities are supposedly unmatched.
An undead knight who travels the land, seeking someone who can match his strength.
A black dragon who serves as the queen of another world. She's supposedly guarding her eggs right now...
The most powerful guardian of a sunken temple, guarding its ancient home - and the gold that sits at the center.
An evil lich lord who thrives in a separate dimension. His spells are said to rip unfortunate victims from the fabric of reality.
Final Question: When you die in this world, where and how would you want to be buried?
Inside my own coffin, with my favored weapon across my chest, inside the first ancient ruins I ever discovered, wearing my adventuring gear.
Buried at the base of a mountain in a small tomb, fully dressed in armor, with my favorite weapon sealed there as a gravestone.
Underneath my house, in a small dirt room, no coffin, with my favorite possessions in there with me.
I want to be in a coffin with my most prized possessions and finest clothes, lowered into the bottom of the sea.
I want to be buried at the base of the largest tree, no coffin, with only my everyday clothes going down with me.
Thanks for taking the quiz! If you want to see your results, leave your Mr.Poll username or some random nickname here: (The results and heroes will be listed in the message forum.)
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