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Dora VS Chibiusa- Who's Better?

These days, I came across the Top 10 Worst Cartoons Ever list on the website TheTopTens. I saw Dora The Explorer ranked the first, and I saw many people saying they hate Dora. At first, I could not believe it because I watches this show frequently as a kid. Then I started searching the internet for Dora The Explorer reviews, and I saw that the show got a lot of bad reviews and a lot of hate pages. And that reminds me how Chibiusa is hated by many fans of Sailor Moon. Now in this poll I didn't mean I hated Dora or Chibiusa. Dora is okay (although I was annoyed by her sometimes) but Chibiusa is my 3rd favorite character from Sailor Moon. I just wanted to know who is better in your opinion, Dora or Chibiusa. State your reasons why in the forum of this poll (it's optional, you don't need to do it). And no cursing and trolling other users please. Note that despite the title, some questions of this poll will be about comparisons of Dora The Explorer and Sailor Moon. And by the way here is the link to the worst list: http://www.thetoptens.com/top-ten-worst-cartoons/.
Enter the main question. Who is better in your opinion-- Dora or Chibiusa?
Dora Marquez (Dora The Explorer)
Chibiusa Tsukino/Sailor Chibi-Moon (Sailor Moon)
This question is ONLY for those who voted Chibiusa as the better one: What's the reason you can't stand/don't like/hate Dora? (There are a LOT of reasons why, but has lesser impact)
Her belly button sticks out
She always shouts
She says Swiper No Swiping (I don't reckon this is going to help in the real life)
She can't locate things that are even near her
Her songs (theme songs, backpack and map song)
Her friends (Boots, Backpack, Map, etc)
She goes on pointless 'adventures'
She goes on dangerous places without the supervision of her parents
She constantly interrupts what the audience is trying to explain
She constantly asks the audience to repeat after her
She is so audience dependent- she constantly asks questions to the audience
Nearly All The Choices Above
This question is ONLY for the ones who voted Dora as the better one. What's the reason you don't care about/can't stand/don't like/hate Chibiusa? (There are less reasons than Dora, but each of the reasons has greater impact)
She is so bratty, spoiled and annoying in R
How she acted in S and SuperS (less bratty than she was in R but still bossy around Usagi)
SuperS is too much about her and Pegasus
How she acted towards Usagi and constantly picks fights with her
Nearly All The Choices Above
Whose voice cast is better in your opinion?
Caitlin Sanchez, Kathleen Harlez, Fatima Ptacek (Dora's voice casts)
Kae Araki (Chibiusa's seiyuu/voice cast)
For Chibiusa-as-the-better-one-voters ONLY. Which version of Chibiusa you like the best?
S- She has matured than she was in R and don't have too much screentime
SuperS- She has matured the best in this season and her romance/friendship with Pegasus is so sweet
R- She shows some true cuteness.
ONLY for those who voted Dora. Do you think Dora is nice and helpful?
Yes, but not really that helpful.
ONLY for Dora haters. How should Chibiusa kill Dora? (Don't get me wrong, I don't hate Dora and neither do I like her, this question is just for Dora haters)
Silently giving her a headshot with a M4 carbine sniper rifle
Simply confronting her and shoot her down with a Colt M1911 pistol
Pushing her off a cliff with Pink Sugar Heart Attack
Destroy her with Twinkle Yell and Moon Gorgeous Meditation (requires combo with Usagi)
Drugging her with alcohols, drugs, and sleeping potions made from Luna P
Just simply beating her up
ONLY for Dora lovers. Do you have Dora the Explorer Merchandise at home?
ABSOLUTELY YES! I have all of them in my collection.
Yes, but not all of them.
Not any, I only enjoyed watching the show but not collecting the merchandise.
Do you think Dora and Chibiusa would make good friends?
At first, yes. But Chibiusa will be soon irritated by Dora's pointless adventures and her stupidness.
At first, yes. But Dora will lose her patience of handling Chibiusa's brattiness.
No. I don't think these two would ever get along.
Yes, for sure! They will be friendly to each other.
Bonus for Dora haters ONLY: what is the best way for the Inner Sailor Senshi to kill Dora?
Sailor Mercury drowns her with Mercury Aqua Mirage/Shine Aqua Illusion
Sailor Mars burns her with Mars Flame Sniper/Fire Soul
All of the Sailor Senshi surround and physically beat her to death
Sailor Jupiter electrocuts her with Jupiter Oak Evolution/Sparkling Wide Pressure
Sailor Venus beats her with Venus Love-Me Chain/Venus Love and Beauty Shock
Bonus for Dora lovers ONLY. How much would you rate the show?
5 stars.
4 stars.
3 stars.
2 stars.
1 star.
Are you a fan of both Dora The Explorer and Sailor Moon?
Yes, I love both shows equally.
Neither of them.
Love Dora The Explorer, but still like Sailor Moon.
Love Dora The Explorer, hate Sailor Moon.
Love Sailor Moon, but still like Dora The Explorer.
Love Sailor Moon, hate Dora The Explorer.
Overall, which show is better?
Dora The Explorer
Sailor Moon
This poll was created on 2014-07-30 02:25:13 by Tanteisan