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Pee holding poll

Take if you need to pee and hold it in as long as possible!
To begin, drink two glasses of water. Let's get the fluid in you and ask the questions later so it has more time to settle.
Sure thing!
I'm going to regret this later.
Uh, OK. I need to pee even worse now.
I'm about to wet myself already!!!
How old are you?
What's your gender?
How badly do you need to pee?
1. Just peed.
2. Can feel some pee, but would normal wait before going.
3. Feeling uncomfortable.
4. Need to pee.
5. Really need to pee!
6. Very full bladder!
7. Desperate to pee!!!
8. URGENTLY need the bathroom! Like an emergency.
10. About to release an ocean.
(I need to pee while making this, and I would rate myself a 7). Wait ten minutes before answering this question, twenty if you ranked 1-4 on the desperation scale. How do you feel now?
Fine and dandy! Thanks for asking. How are you doing?
I'm beginning to need to pee now.
Worse. Pressure building down there.
A lot worse. I GOTTA GO!
Ahhh. A LOT better.
It's good to stay hydrated. Drink one more glasses of water (second glass is optional). Wait twenty minutes before proceeding. How's Mr./Ms./Mrs./Dr. Iron-Bladder doing now?
Still holding up great.
Holding up... with a bit of a struggle.
More like Lead-Bladder... uggg. How much longer does this go on for???
14:58... (figit) 14:59...(squirm) 15! Yes. Still dry! (squeezing legs togethor) Staying alive!
Oops. My pants are hydrated now. Me? Ten pounds lighter.
Push hard on your bladder. While still pushing, squat down. While still pushing, bounce up and down a little bit. Now lay on your stomach and put your weight on your bladder for thirty seconds. Did you succeed?
Yep. Easily.
Yes. Barely.
Yes. Technically. Got a bit wet, but mostly successful.
No. I have an empty bladder now.
Patients is a virtue. Drink another glass if your think you can handle it, then hold it in for another ten minutes. Now it's time for a full reevaluation of bladder pressure.
1. Feel like I just peed.
2. Can feel some pee, but would normal wait before going.
3. Feeling uncomfortable.
4. Need to pee.
5. Need to pee badly.
6. Full bladder!
7. Desperate to pee.
8. URGENTLY need the bathroom. Like an emergency!
9. DYING!!!
10. About to release an ocean.
Activity time! Run your hand under the tap for one minute and close your eyes. Do 15 jumping jacks. Sit on the toliet seat with your clothes on for a minute. Drink another glass of water if you can, or if you want to even if you can't. How is the poll going so far?
Good. I love the pain.
BAD. I'm in agony!
Good. I wet myself.
Bad. I need a change of clothes. I hate you.
Drink one glass of water and hold your pee for at least five minutes, you can do ten if you really want to push yourself. You are almost done now. Use the ten scale to rate your need.
Press your bladder hard against a counter top corner for one minute. How are you?
Same as before.
Need to pee much worse.
Hurt a lot, but I don't need to pee any worse.
Hurt a lot and I need to pee much more.
Poke yourself hard in the bladder twenty times as fast as you can. How are you now?
Same as before.
Need to pee much worse.
Hurt a lot, but I don't need to pee any worse.
Hurt a lot, and I need to pee much more.
Do fifteen more jumping jacks. To fifteen sit-ups. Make yourself drink a glass of water to cool down afterwards.
Shaken up bladder... must contain!
That was fun
Describe what you are doing. Check as many as apply
Crossing legs
Pressing thighs together
Hand on crotch.
Jiggling the leg.
Opening and closing legs
Doubling over
Trying to hold completely still
Already peed
Read this story. http://www.experienceproject.com/stories/Was-Desperate-At-School/2094480. How does that make you feel?
Just the same as before.
Need to pee more.
That's a great story, and I need to pee more.
A little bit creeped out, but I do have to pee more.
Just creeped out.
I'm borrowed this activity from a different polls, but it really a great task. Squat, push hard on your bladder and contract your bowels like your pooing. Relax your bladder muscles slightly. Hold for thirty seconds (be prepared for leakage). How are you doing?
Great! (You little liar.)
That hurt, but I'm dry.
That really hurt, and still hurts, but I am dry.
That really hurt, and I'm a little wet.
I couldn't stop it. It just came out.
Don't go to the bathroom just yet. First, rate this poll.
The best thing in the entire universe. Hands down.
Not so great.
Really, extremely awful.
You suck, dude, and so does your poll. Go die.
If I make another one of these, what changes should I make?
None, it's perfect!
Make us drink more water.
Make us drink less water.
Make us wait for longer periods of time.
Make us wait for shorter times.
Make us do more tasts.
Make us do less tasks.
Please don't make another poll. Ever. In fact, delete this one as soon as you can.
If you rated this poll negatively (less than OK), drink another glass of water and don't go for another five minutes. So there.
You sure showed them!
Oh no, I have to hold it for longer!
Yes. I love holding my pee.
Are you stupid dude? What makes you think I'm going to do that? I haven't done any of this stuff.
One last measure of bladder-fullness:
Describe how you felt throughout the quiz, how you feel now, and if you didn't make it, how far you got.
Now, if you want you can pee, or if you want to challenge yourself, keep holding it for as long as you want.
Peed before this, during the quiz.
Peed as soon as this ended.
Tried to hold it for a little bit longer, but ended up peeing pretty soon after.
Held it for a long time afterwards.
This poll was created on 2013-11-20 01:34:30 by HHeLiBeB