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Do you like slime/gunge? GUYS ONLY PLEASE.

How would you like to be gunged? Share in detail how you would/do like to get messy. This poll is for guys only, if you are female please use the other poll.
So first of all what messy substance(s) do you want to get gunged with?
Typical coloured gunge (TV gunge)
Baked beans
Rice pudding
Sauce (red/brown)
Sweet sauce (strawberry/raspberry)
A dirty cocktail of multiple things
Other (please tell)
Next up is the application of your chosen substance(s). How should it be applied? Each choice has a space for you to add extra info.
You are dropped into a pool of the substance (dunk tank)
Buckets of the substance are carefully poured over you
Buckets of the substance are violently hurled at you
You are in restraints (tied up) and gunged
You are put in the more professional "gunge booth" where the substance is dropped from a large tank above you
Do you want to be pied as well? if so select your favorite.
One or two whipped cream pies to the face
Several whipped cream pies applied all over
One or two chocolate and cream pies to the face
Several chocolate and cream pies applied all over
One or two custard and cream pies to the face
Several custard and cream pies applied all over
What would you like to be wearing when getting gunged?
Just a pair of shorts or boxers
Shorts and T-shirt
Jeans and T-shirt
Fully clothed with shoes and even jewelry (add to this if you like)
Womens clothing (ill let you specify)
Other (please tell)
Where would you prefer to get gunged?
In public
In public with friends
In private with a friend
In private with some guy you met on the internet that shares your interest
In private on your own
Other (tell if you like)
Please rate this poll, did you like it?
5 i really liked it, thanks!
3 it was ok
1 i didn't like it or i thought it was bad
Sorry i prefer not to answer these or i don't like these questions on polls
Please add anything you want here like any past gunge experiences or if you love talking about anything in this poll then you can add your Email or Skype/Facebook details and ill try to get back to you!
This poll was created on 2014-07-07 12:46:56 by UK Gunge