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Wearing boots sockless

The title explains it.
Do you wear boots sockless?
If you wear your boots sockless, why do you?
I hate wearing socks
My boots have fur so wearing socks will make my feet too hot
My socks got wet so I had to take them off
My parents or somebody else doesn't allow me to wear socks
I don't wear boots sockless
If you don't wear your boots sockless, why don't you?
I'm uncomfortable when I'm barefoot
My feet get too cold
Parents or somebody else makes me wear socks
I wear my boots sockless
How cold is it when you wear your boots sockless (Celsius)
Above 0
I wear my boots sockless, no matter how cold it gets!
If it was really cold and you were wearing boots and socks and it warmed up a little bit but it still was cold, would you take your socks off and wear your boots sockless?
I would take my socks off immediately and wouldn't put them back on!
I'd wait a bit to make sure it doesn't get cold again
I'l keep socks on
(Skip this if you don't wear boots sockless) When you go to a friend's house or someplace where you take your boots off and you are with people, do they say anything when they see that you don't have any socks on?
They give me a spare pair of socks
They give me their socks
They ask "where are your socks?"
They don't care
If somebody told you to put some socks on what would you say to them?
I don't own any socks because I hate them
Make me!
Only if you pay me
Fine I will
If somebody noticed that you were barefoot and offered to give you the socks they were wearing what would you do?
Take them and wear them
Take them but don't wear them, make the person go sockless too
Take them and throw them away
Refuse them and tell the other person to put them back on
Refuse them and tell the other person to go sockless like you
Do any of your friends wear their boots sockless?
Yes - all of them
Yes - a few
None of them
Do you wear any other kinds of shoes sockless?
All kinds, I never wear socks
Just boots
This poll was created on 2014-07-01 16:46:59 by canadiangurl941