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A poll for all handgun owners

These are just some basic questions to bring people's shooting habits and firearms preferences to light.
When choosing a handgun for self-defense, which better explains your defense strategy?
Firepower and capacity is the key to my self-defense strategy.
Having a powerful round that is more likely to drop a perpetrator where he stands with one shot is more important to me, and I will take this at the expense of having a higher capacity weapon.
I really prefer both, as long as I can carry, hold and shoot the weapon. I'm concerned about the size or weight.
You can kill someone with any bullet, but which of these lower powered handgun rounds would you feel most comfortable (or least uncomfortable) with?
.38 Special
.25 ACP
.32 (don't include .32 magnum)
Which of these rounds is getting to the point of being "too powerful" for realistic self-defense? To clarify, what is the most powerful round you would feel comfortable and in control of in a true self-defense situation where you had little time to react and you might likely have to fire several shots?
9mm Luger
.45 ACP
.44 Magnum
Would you feel more comfortable with which of the following?
8 rounds of .45 ACP
11 rounds of 9mm Luger
I can't answer this question
In a revolver, I would be more likely to carry as my defense load:
.38 Special
.357 Magnum
In my handgun, for self-defense, I am more likely to use bullets which are:
Heavy for caliber
Light for caliber
Somewhere in the middle of what is offered
In-waistband holsters or out-of-waistband holsters? You don't have to answer this question.
Usually in, sometimes out
Usually out, sometimes in
I don't use a holster, I keep it bare in my pocket or in my waistline.
I don't like to use a holster but sometimes I do when needed
Open carry or concealed carry?
Open, always!
Concealed, always!
Mostly concealed, but if it shows I don't sweat it too much.
I prefer open carry, but will conceal to avoid attracting attention at times.
.38 Special or .380 ACP?
.38 Special
.380 ACP
I don't care
.45 ACP or .40S&W?
.45 ACP
.40 S&W
Can't answer that, sorry
9mm Luger or .40S&W?
9mm Luger
.40 S&W
Can't answer that, sorry
9mm Luger or .45 ACP?
Can't answer that, sorry
Better man-stopper?
.357 Magnum
.45 ACP
Can't answer that, sorry
On a semi-auto which action do you prefer?
Would you buy a double action revolver with the hammer internalized?
I wouldn't buy a revolver
For home-defense, do you prefer a handgun, shotgun or rifle?
Whatever I can get my hands on first
Are you comfortable using FMJ ammunition for defense?
I would have no problem using it but I prefer hollow-points
Would you use a laser sight on a handgun?
Yes, almost all the time
No, never
Do you, or have you ever seriously hunted using a handgun which is really intended for self-defense?
At the range, would you prefer to practice at 25 yards or 7 yards?
Is it important to you to be able to use the same ammo you use in your handgun in a carbine or rifle?
5 Very important
4 A real plus
3 A nice perk, but not that neccessary
2 Interesting idea, but I'm not at all likely to try it
1 One of the dumbest ideas ever
Is it important to you to use a caliber that is used by police or military?
Yes, definately
Doesn't matter
It's a plus, but not neccessary
Do you think a new middle-of-the-road caliber should be invented to address some of the shortcomings of the more popular calibers?
Yes, it hasn't been done properly in the past
It's already been done
It hasn't been done and it doesn't need to be done either.
On a scale of 1 - 5, with 1 being least important and 5 being most important, how important is caliber in choosing a gun for self-defense?
5 Very important
4 Somewhat important
3 Caliber and shot-placement are of nearly equal importance. For example, a caliber with a one-shot-stop statistic of 70% is fine if you're a good shot.
2 Small "weak" calibers like .32 ACP and .22LR are fine. If you're a pretty good shot you shouldn't care
1 Shot placement is absolutely everything. Caliber is totally irrelevant.
What do you think of the "FBI standard" for pentration?
The FBI standard should not be consdered when choosing a caliber. There are much better ways to judge.
It's a good standard and people should give it alot of weight when choosing a caliber for defense.
In a handgun, what muzzle energy level in ft/lb's is a good manageable level for you? (to the nearest 100)
I don't know enough about this to answer
This poll was created on 2014-06-25 03:10:24 by brofjw@yahoo.com