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Do you believe the human race is overpopulated?

As it stands now, the human race has worldwide population of approximately 7 billion and it is steadily increasing. There are some estimates that the population may increase to 10 billion by 2020. This like most of my other questions, is out of curiosity more than anything. What do you believe about this issue?
Do you believe the human race is overpopulated?
No, every single person is the world is a miracle of life from god and each individual should be cherished.
Yes, the human race is severely overpopulated. I predict we'll start seeing food and water shortages within the next ten years.
No, there can never be enough people on this planet. The human race is very resilient and we will continue to advance well into the future.
Yes, the human race is seriously overpopulated. There aren't enough jobs in the current global economy to go around for everyone, and it's going to become a major problem in the near future.
No, and there's no reason for alarm. The planet has plenty of resources to sustain us as long as we manage them properly.
No, because war, disease, poverty, starvation, and natural disasters are keeping the population in check.
Yes, but it's an issue that mostly affects third world countries.
Yes, I think the human race is somewhat overpopulated but there's nothing wrong with that. We are the dominant race on the planet after all.
No, the human race is doing just fine the way it is and it will stay that way.
Yes, I think the human race is a little overpopulated, but there's still plenty of room for the human race to grow and develop.
This poll was created on 2014-05-29 18:28:30 by Rosharia