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Fem Dom (Female Led Relationship)

My boyfriend asked me to try dominating him recently. I did (with the help of my first poll on here), and I really like it. I am thinking about taking it to the next step and taking the dominant lead in our relationship. My boyfriend is willing to try it out too. I want some help in how fast to go, what to do, and for how long to try it
Do you think it is better in a relationship when one partner is dominant and the other is submissive?
No, it should always be equal
Yes, one partner should have the final say
Should we have a written agreement to cover the basics?
No, keep it simple
Yes, make it ironclad and clear
Yes, but make it general and let it develop
What areas should I control?
Sex - What I want, how I want it and when I want it
His time - I decide what he does and if he does it
Housework - I decide who does what chores
Financial - I make all final decisions
On housework, how should I divide the chores?
He does them all...I am the superior and should not do chores!
Split them so that he does most, but I still do some
Let him pick a few that he does not want to do
Start with 50-50 and build to him doing all
On financial, how much control should I have?
He pays all of the bills and I keep my money to spend as I wish
I make all major financial decisions
I make all major financial decisions, say anything over $250
He keeps his money and pays me a pre-set amount each month to cover expenses we agree to (we both have great jobs)
He gives me his paycheck, I give him an allowance. I pay all the bills.
On sex, should I decide when (and if) he cums? I have been letting him cum about once a week since we started this....and he seems to love that I decide.
No - He is a big boy and deserves to cum when he wants to
Yes - No masturbating for him!
Yes - He gets to cum once a week
Yes - He gets to cum once a month
More on sex, should he wear a chastity device?
Yes! 24/7, except when I remove it
Yes! For fun and play
Should I spank him?
Yes - For fun and games
Yes - He will not be truly submissive without discipline
How often should I spank him?
At least once a week!
Whenever he is disobedient!
Whenever I want!
Whenever he asks for it!
Back to sex, should I use the strap on?
No - Never use it!
Yes - Use it to show him who is really the boss!
Yes - Use it for fun!
Yes - Use it for discipline!
Maybe - Use it if he want it!
Yes - Use it often! It will make him more submissive and he will love it!
If we decide to try Fem Dom, how should I train my boyfriend?
Have him take classes in domestic chores, cooking, massage, etc!
Get help from friends and family!
Take it slowly and let his submission grow!
Be strict, zero tolerance to bring him in to line fast!
Lots and lots of spanking!
Other types of discipline and punishment - should I use them?
Nipple clamps?
Slap him?
Keep him naked?
Make him stand in the corner?
Butt plug?
Please make suggestions!!!!!
Gag him?
Wash his mouth out with soap?
Get him branded?
Keep him shaved?
Get him a tattoo?
I am thinking to try this for a set period of time to see how it goes and how we like it. What is a good length of time? I don't want it to be too short, but I also don't want it to long
A month - A good try out
3 months - One is not enough to bring out his submissiveness
6 months - Need time for both of us to adjust to our roles
A year - then we will really know!
Forget a trial period - he asked for it and I know I will love it! Make it permanent now!!!!
What am I missing? Dominant women and submissive men...tell me! Please!
This poll was created on 2014-05-26 20:39:20 by jl90245