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tie me up 3 females only please

I am a guy in my early twenties, tall, muscular, brown hair, green eyes. I am quite chatty and energetic which can sometimes be annoying to others. People such as my girlfriend, her friends, female co workers, my sister, and my teachers have often bound and gagged me so I can't annoy them. I am curious to know if you were in their situation, and needed me to be silenced and unable to move, how would you do it?
How old are you?
Which of these situations would you tie me up in?
We are in a library and you are trying to study and I am sitting near you talking loudly on my phone
We are watching a movie on the couch and I won't stop talking to you
We are driving somewhere and I keep distracting you
You are trying to sleep and I am making noise that is keeping you up
You are teaching a class and I won't stop talking
You are mad at me and want revenge
You are kidnapping me and need to stop me from calling for help or running
You are having a party and don't want any interruptions
You are busy at work and I keep bugging you
You decide to tie me up but how do you get me tied up if I won't cooperate?
You threaten to kick me out of class/the house/the car if I don't cooperate
You threaten to tell people something embarrassing about me
You make a bet with me that I can't escape being tied up by you
You chloroform me when my back is turned
You give me a drink with a knock out drug in it
you wait till I am asleep and then ambush me
Is it just you who ties me up or do you ask your female friends for help?
just you
1 friend
2 friends
3 friends
What would you use to tie my hands and feet?
silver duct tape
black duct tape
pink duct tape
clear tape
a straightjacket
hand cuffs
Would you also use any of the following?
nothing else
a bodybag
plastic wrap
bed sheets
Now that you have your tools, how exactly do you tie me up?
wrists behind back, elbow, arms pinned to chest, thighs, below knees, and ankles tied
mummified (ankles up to my neck)
mummified (including feet and head wrapped)
simple hands and feet tied,
hogtaped (tape stretching from my feet all the way around my mouth)
bound and put in a sack
tied to a bed
tied to a chair
Now that I am ready, do you put me anywhere?
No I am tied to something
On the floor
On a bed
In the back of a van
On the couch
In the closet
On a table
Now it is time to shut me up, would you start by stuffing something in my mouth?
No, just the outer layer
Yes, your dirty sock fresh off your foot
Yes, a dirty sock off your friends foot
Yes, a sock from the laundry
Yes, a sock from your bag
yes, a pair of panties
yes, a sock from my foot
Now you need something to hold it in, what do you use?
silver duct tape wrapped around my mouth
black duct tape wrapped around my mouth
pink duct tape wrapped around my mouth
strips of silver duct tape over my mouth
strips of black duct tape over my mouth
strips of pink duct tape over my mouth
strips of clear tape
clear tape wrapped around
a ball gag
a long cheerleader sock tied between my lips as a cleave gag
pantyhose tied between my lips as a cleave gag
Would you also do any of these things?
put your foot in my mouth
have your friend put her foot in my mouth
your foot pressed against my mouth
your friends foot against my mouth
handgag me
Would you prevent me from seeing?
some of the time
most of the time
the whole time
If you answered yes then how?
I didn't
a pillow case over my head
a long sock over my eyes
a couple strips of tape over my eyes
tape around my eyes and head
my head is already mummified
I am already in a sack
your other foot over my eyes
your friends foot over my eyes
How would you tie my feet?
my big toes tied together with string
tape my feet together at one spot
completely wrap my feet with tape
toes cuffed
What would you and possibly your friends do now that I am bound and gagged?
return to whatever you were doing
make jokes at my predicament
take pictures and post them titled this is what happens to guys who annoy us
take my picture and demand a ransom
One thing people have done is shove their stinky feet in my face to make me feel even more foolish, would you or your friends do that?
no, that is mean
yes your socked feet
one foot socked, the other is bare because the sock is in my mouth
pantyhose feet
friends feet
tape your shoe to my nose (what kind)
tape your friends shoe to my nose (what kind)
tape your feet against my face
tape your friends feet against my face
I also get tickled very often, would you tickle me? If so where?
yes with fingers
yes with a toothbrush
soles of my feet
my toes
what would you say to me while I mmpphhh and struggle?
not so tough now are you?
have you seen my sock, oh yeah its in your mouth i forgot
why on earth didn't I think of this sooner
you can struggle all you want you are not getting out
(after I mmmppphh at you) mmpphhh? what does that mean?
whats wrong, do my feet smell?
whoever invented duct tape should win a nobel prize
you know I'm kinda tired from tying you up, since you are tied up maybe I will use your face to rub my feet
I am going to shove my feet in your face just say so if you don't want that, (I mmmppphh at you) okay your funeral
how about I tickle you to death now?
don't give me that look you gave me no choice
Do you think that men should be bound and gagged when they are being a pest?
yes always
some of them
just me
how does this all end?
you untie me but remind me that this will happen again if I annoy you
you leave me tied up to mmmppphh and struggle
your friends turn on you and you end up bound and gagged beside me
you tie up your friend and we both mmmppphhh and struggle
you untie me but I want revenge, so I tie you up and do whatever you did to me
This poll was created on 2014-05-20 23:44:30 by tylerdurden56