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Family Attitudes Towards Nudity

Inspired by this poll (http://www.misterpoll.com/polls/591543), my poll measures the attitude towards nudity people were raised with, and what they believe optimal attitudes towards nudity are.
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What was your family's attitude towards nudity within the home while you were growing up?
You were explicitly told that nudity was bad or wrong.
No one explicitly said anything, but you never saw your parents or other members of your family naked, and you knew it would be a bad thing if you did.
The members of your family generally avoided going naked in front of one another, but didn't get upset if someone accidentally saw someone else naked.
Your family was comfortable with seeing each other naked when changing, walking to or from the shower, etc.
The members of your family were comfortable hanging out around the house naked for extended periods of time.
Members of your family were occasionally naked outside or in social situations, such as skinny-dipping, streaking, etc.
Your family was actively nudist/naturist.
If your parents ever explicitly explained or justified their attitudes towards nudity to you, what did they say?
What do you think is the optimal attitude towards nudity in a family with children?
Children should be explicitly taught that nudity is bad or wrong.
It should not be explicitly addressed, but nudity in front of other family members should be avoided at all times.
Nudity should be avoided, but it you shouldn't get upset if your children accidentally see you naked or you accidentally see them naked.
Members of a family should be comfortable seeing each other naked when changing, walking to or from the shower, etc.
Members of a family should be comfortable with nudity for extended periods of time within the home.
Children should be exposed to occasional social or outdoor nudity such as skinny dipping or streaking.
Children should be raised in a nudist/naturist household.
Why did you select your answer, and how did your own upbringing affect your attitudes towards family nudity?
This poll was created on 2014-05-18 16:08:21 by atheistkid