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girls peeing positions

When im in the bath and i have to pee really bad, but the toliets a ways away, i get on all fours and pee.
If your in the bath and have to pee
Sit down and go
Stand up and aim
Get on all fours and raise your leg to pee sideways
Get on all fours and pee
If your at the pool
Pee were you are
Hang on to the side of the pool and go
Get out and go in the grass
Get out and go inside
Ok, now for some what ifs You go to the laundry mat and its late at night, and no ones around, you decide to put all your clothes in the dryer, so your now nude. You sit down and read a magazine, suddenly you have to poop! But its hard and dry, so you could hold it if you have to, the laundry mat dosnt have a restroom. What would you do?
Dont think about it and keep reading
Sneek outside and poop discreatly
Grab some tissues and poop on them, then throw it in the trash
Sneek out to your car and drive home nude, go to the bathroom, and return for your clothes
This poll was created on 2014-05-18 14:35:04 by nudeyoungcutie