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devine creations catering

Hello, this is my poll that will be used to combine what you are looking for and what I want to do for you to make the best catering business country wide! Please take a few moments to fill it out and show me how you would like to be catered to!
If you are having a party catered fort you what kind of event is it most likely to be?
Birthday, bar mitzvah ect..
holiday, family event ect..
Business ect..
If your event is being caters to what type of service would you want or expect?
Allowing us to set up and decorate with tables, chafing dishes and any other specifications we could provide?
Dropping off the food in hot boxes and giving you a call back after your even to make sure everything went well?
Having a hostess from our company to make sure food presentation is nice and all questions can be answers through out the event
Having one or more of our staff cook at your party a any station you desire (grill, sauté, pasta)?
If you are looking for a caterer what kind of food would you be looking for?
Canapes, hors D'oeuvres other fingerfood
Choice of entrées, main courses and desserts ?
Buffet of many different choises of food off our extravagant menu?
If you are looking for a catering company for you are you looking for a certain type of ethnic food?
If you are hiring a catering company what would attract you to picking them?
The web site?
The menu?
The services that they can provide?
If you were to choose Devine creations to cater for your event would you feel comfortable coming to try samples before hand?
No, I trust your expertise
Yes, that would be a good idea and helpful
Are you hesitant to hire a catering company?
Yes, because I am nervous about prices?
Yes, because I am nervous if the food will be up to expectation?
Yes because I am not sure how to or never have
This poll was created on 2014-05-16 13:11:28 by charlie napoli