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Dressing like a trans gurl

I want to know what I should wear for different occasions. I am MTF trans with16b boobs and a phat booty.
When I arrive at a normal public beach how should I get out of the car in the car park
In a maxi dress
n denim short shorts and a singlet
In demin short shorts and a t shirt
In your actual bikini
In a mini skirt and t shirt
What should I wear on the beach itself
Full bikini
Bikini Bottoms only with boobs out
Thong bikini
Thong bikini bottoms with boobs out
For shopping at the mall what should i wear in summer
Maxi Dress and thongs
Denim short shorts and thongs with a spaghetti strap singlet
Denim shorts and thongs ( Flip flops) with a t shirt
Normal knee length shorts and thongs
In winter for the same activity should I wear
Leggings and slip flops with a hoodie
Harem pants with a hoodie
Jeans and a hoodie
For yoga should I wear
Harem Pants and singlet
Harem Pants and t shirt
Yogas Pants and singlet
Yoga pants and t shirt
Leggings anbd singlet
Leggings and t shirt
For underwear for normal everyday wear to work etc should I wear
Lacy thong and tshirt bra
Lacy thong and shaper singlet
Lacy thong and crop top
lacy thong and padded crop
If I am going somewhere that my underwear will be revealed in sich as sports complex, swimming pool, physio etc , should I change the underwear i have on for something boyish or plain
No you wear what you want
Yes do change
If my choice of everyday underwear makes my boobs more noticeable, should i disguse them
I have black shellac fingers and toes. Is this
Not Sexy
If I am dressing with the xpress intention of getting a man should i wear ( Partly in public)
Push up bra, spaghetti singlet and a short skirt and flip flops
Push up bra, tight tshirt and short shorts and flip flops
Push up bra, leggings, tight tshirt and flip flops
Maxi dress push up bra and flip flops
This poll was created on 2014-04-21 03:37:28 by Emma(TV)