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Catholic Boys & Men and Masturbation

This poll is about what Catholic boys and men know about the church teaching on masturbation and how they actually feel about it.
Are you male?
No (please leave this poll)
Are you Catholic?
No (please leave this poll)
Do you know that the church says that masturbation is a mortal sin?
If yes, where did you find out about this teaching?
Catholic high school religion class
My parents told me
The Internet
I picked this up somewhere through my Catholic upbringing, but I can't remember exactly when and where I was told this.
Other (please specify in message comments)
Have you ever masturbated or do you masturbate?
Do you go to confession?
If you go to confession, and you have been guilty of this sin since your last confession, would you fess up and tell the priest that you masturbated?
How old are you?
Under age 14
14-16 years old
17-19 years old
20-22 years old
23-25 years old
26-35 years old
36-50 years old
Over 50 years old
Do you have any Catholic buddies, teammates, or dormitory roommates with whom you could talk about this openly?
Do you think that guys who go to Catholic colleges are more likely to respect the church teaching in this topic?
Yes, I think guys who go to Catholic colleges try their best to refrain from masturbation. But if they do it, they confess it.
No, I don't think it makes any difference.
What is your general impression of other Catholic guys regarding this topic?
Most Catholic guys respect the church teaching and do not masturbate.
Most Catholic guys try their best not to masturbate, but if they do it they fess up and confess it.
Most Catholic guys masturbate, but few of them confess it.
Catholic guys are like most other American guys when it comes to this. Most of them masturbate, but they are unaware of the church teaching or indifferent to it. They don't think masturbation is a mortal sin, they don't confess it, and they don't worry about it.
Other (please specify in message comments)
What is your general feeling about the church teaching on this topic?
The church is right to teach that it is a mortal sin that requires confession and Catholic boys and men must be good soldiers about this. So if you do it, you must confess it.
The church is being somewhat hard on males and it doesn't seem quite fair, but a Catholic boy or man should still try to be a good soldier about it.
The church is unreasonable. This teaching should be changed.
The church is being ridiculous when it comes to this topic.
Other (please specify in comments)
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This poll was created on 2014-04-24 01:57:09 by Average Guy