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brother vs sister gunge gameshow

A brother and sister go head to head on a TV show to get the other one covered in gunge! I have not described what the contestants look like so you can make your own mind up. Please answer all the questions.
H (host) welcome to the show! Today a brother and sister will battle it out over 3 rounds with a messy forfeit for the loser of each round and a chance for the overall winner to give their sibling the gunging of their life! So please welcome 9 year old Jessica and 10 year old Callum! Both kids are wearing shorts, a t-shirt and are bear footed. What colour is Jessica's t-shirt?
And Callum's t-shirt?
H: Our first game is a assault course! The two siblings must run over this balance beam if they fall off they must start again , crawl under a cargo net then crawl through a tunnel! Finally they must climb over a wall with the help of a rope that they can use to pull themselves up. Once they have completed the course they must push this big red button to confirm their victory! Who looks the most ready?
Halfway across the balance beam Jessica slips off the beam and Callum quickly takes the lead. By the time she's got back to the start of the beam where is Callum?
Start of cargo net
Middle of cargo net
Start of tunnel.
Despite giving a good show for the rest of the course Jessica is not able to catch up with her brother and Callum wins by some distance. How does Jessica look knowing she will now face a forfeit?
resigned to her fate
H: So Jessica you lost so now you must face a messy forfeit! We are going to lock you in a pillory and let your brother put some cream pies in your face! Anything to say?
Out of all the people who could of done this to me, anyone but my brother!
I hate cream!
just don't get any in my hair ok?
He deservers this not me!
A pillory is wheeled on stage and Jessica is locked into it. H: So Callum you now have the chance to pie your sister in the face! How do you feel?
She so deservers this!
This should bring her down a notch or two!
I've always wanted to do this!
Did she say don't get any in my hair? Yeah right!
Callum picks up a cream pie from a table. How does he pie his sister?
hold it below her face and slowly rise it into her face.
Smash it with all his might
push it in firmly and rub it around.
Callum then takes 2 pies and gives Jessica a pie sandwich. He then takes one last pie and plonks it right on top of Jessica's head. How does Jessica react to this?
Spits cream out
I am so getting you back for this!
I said not my hair!
Jessica is let out of the stocks what is the first thing she does?
throw some cream at Callum
wipe her eyes.
wipe her face
desperately tries to get cream out her hair
H: So Callum you may of won the first round but do you think you'll win the whole thing?
Of course! I'm the big brother!
Yes! I've no intention of getting messy today!
You bet I will!
How does Jessica react to this?
shakes head
death stare
rolls eyes
H: We're going to have a quick break now. See you soon! After the break it obvious that Jessica has had a quick wash. Her hair is wet but there is still some creamy stains in her hair. Her face is now clean. The Host is standing in-between our two siblings. Near by are 2 large tubs containing many basket balls and 2 netball hoops. The tubs, balls and hoops all match the colour T-shirts that the contestants are wearing. H: Welcome back! For our next game Callum and Jessica will have 90 seconds to throw these balls into a netball hoop. Whoever gets the most in the time limit wins! Now Jessica ,I understand your on the school netball team. You must be feeling confident?
This game is mine!
He hasn't got a chance!
I'm 90 seconds away from gunging my brother!
Get ready for the slop Callum!
H: Callum! anything to add to that?
anything is possible
she can't handle the pressure!
The only reason shes on the School netball team is because everybody else is rubbish!
As soon as the game starts its obvious that Jessica has the upper hand. Cullum's shooting is inconsistent, Some shoots bouncing in with luck more than anything else, some of his other shoots are well off. Meanwhile Jessica is landing every shoot without fail. At what point does Callum realise that he is going to lose?
10 seconds in
30 seconds in
60 seconds in
Never. He is only concentrating on his own game
After 90 seconds a claxon sounds. H: Okay! I think we already know who won but I tell you the scores anyway! Jessica, you landed 18 hoops ,but Callum you could only manage...
H: Which means your getting a forfeit! How do you feel Jessica?
Revenge! Sweet revenge!
This is for every girl who gets bullied daily by a horrible big brother!
Oh I am going to enjoy this!
H: Callum it may be a weekend but for you forfeit your going back to school! Callum is lead by the host to a mock up school canteen and is sat on small wooden stool. H: Callum for you forfeit, Jessica is going to pour some lovely school dinners all over your head! Any thoughts?
This is worse than maths!
Just get it over with.
I feel sick!
Jessica skips on to the stage with a huge grin on her face. The host leads her over to behind the serving counter and Jessica returns with a big white bucket. She stands behind her brother and rises the bucket above his head. What are her final words to him before she empties the content of the bucket over him?
Are you ready? not that I care!
Not so big now are you?
You know you deserve this!
What is in the first bucket?
The contents of the bucket runs all over Cullum's head covering everything. Jessica giggles at him before collecting 4 more buckets and pouring them over Callum. What is in those buckets? pick 4
mushy peas
chocolate sauce
mashed potatos
tomato soup
curry sauce
toffee sauce
pink custard
tomato ketchup
brown sauce
melted ice cream.
tar-tar sauce
tinned tomatoes
rice pudding
H: oh Callum you look a bit of a mess there! How does it feel being covered in slop?
Humiliating. This will be on YouTube for ever!
Cold... so cold
disgusting! This stuff smells and tastes horrible!
H: well I can't say you don't deserve it! Jessica, who do you think will win now?
Me! I'm not getting gunged again!
I am! and Callum knows it!
Callum's going down!
H:Time for another break now. See you in a minuet! After the break Jessica and Callum are standing either side of a podium and the host is standing in the middle. Like his sister Callum now has a clean face but his hair is still stained a bit from the food. His has been given a new set of shorts and t-shirt. H: Welcome back! It's 1 all between our brother and sister so this round decides the winner! This round is a simple quiz. Buzz in if you know the answer, 1 point if you get the answer right and 1 point to your sibling if you get the answer wrong! Best of five. Oh and one more thing... Since you've both already had a forfeit, your not the ones facing a messing... We've got you best friends to do it! On the other side of the studio Jessica's best friend, 9 year old Sarah and Callum's best friend, 10 year old Jake are standing nervously next to a large object covered by a sheet (again I have not described what the 2 best friends look like so you can make your own mind up. The 2 best friends are wearing the same cloths as their representing sibling) What is Jessica's and Callum's reaction to this?
H: First question. Who is next in line to the British thrown? Jessica buzzes in 'Prince Charles' H: correct! What Callum's reaction?
shift nervously
stay confident- long way to go yet
H: Next question. 'Who invented the telephone?" Callum buzzes in "Thomas Edison?" H: Incorrect Callum! Your really close to getting a gunging you wont forget now! I wonder how your best friend Jake feels? Jake! , how are you doing?
I'm really nervous!
I hope the forfeit isn't too bad.
There's still hope for me yet.
H: Final question... This could win it for Jessica! In what country will you find the Malvern Hills? Jessica buzzes in. "Worcestershire!!!" H: CORRECT! You've won it Jessica! You've won the whole show! How does Jessica react?
Victory dance.
Point and laugh right up close to her brothers face.
Jump up and down screaming in joy
How does Callum react?
Hands on head.
puts face into his hands
hang his head in shame and despair.
But before Callum gets the gunging he wont forget, its time for best his best friend Jake to receive his forfeit! Sarah! Why not pull back that sheet and show us all what the forfeit is? Sarah gives Jake a quick glance that almost says "I'm going to enjoy doing this to you!" Before whipping back the cover to revel a full sized bath filled, almost to the brim in baked beans. H:ahh Yes! The Classic baked bean bath! Go on Jake you know the score, In you go! Jake slowly walks towards the bath and places a hand on either side. He takes on foot over the side and slowly sinks his foot into the beans before doing the same with his other foot. He then lowers himself into the bath until he is sitting down. The baked beans are up his shoulders as he leans back. H:Oh dear Jake, I cant say that looks to pleasant! How is it!
It's Cold and slimy! I hate it!
This is the worse thing I've ever done!
Jake should find out soon enough!
H: Well, you are quite messy but its not a proper gunging if your head stays clean! And Sarah hasn't had much to do. At this point the a stage hand hands Sarah a clear bucket filled with baked beans. Not needing to be told what to do Sarah tips the bucket over Jakes head. The orange juice envelopes his entire head and while most of the beans run down his face, some build up a pile of beans on the top of his head. How does Jake react?
spit out beans.
wipe face
throw some beans at Sarah
H: Well you even messier now Jake but I still think we can do better! Sarah, why not grab hold of Jakes ankles and give him a good dunking? At this Sarah plunges her arms into the bath and as she pulls her arms out Jakes head starts to fall towards the beans. What does he shout out just before he goes under?
A scream
Jake's head plunges under the surface and Sarah holds his legs for a bit giving him no choice but to stay under. When she finally lets go Jake splutters up and gasps for breath. H: Wow! How was that Jessica?
Brilliant! I love that power!
I sure am glad it wasn't me!
My older brother is looking for ideas for a charity fundraiser! I am so forcing him into a baked bean bath!
There is another ad break and after When we return to the show Callum is sitting on a seat poised above a big vat of dark grey gunge. Jessica is standing next to the vat with a leaver in front of her. Callum now wears a white t-shirt with the word LOSER in black, block, capitals across it. Callum is visibly nervous while Jessica is grinning like a Cheshire cat. H: Welcome back! In just a few minuets Jessica will send her mean, older brother flying down into our cold, smelly slop! How do you feel Jessica?
Awesome! This is my dream come true!
Amazing! Justice is about to be served!
Fantastic! I'd love to do this to anybody but Callum is top of the list!
Great! I'll never let him forget this day!
H: And Callum! any thoughts up there?
This stuff stinks! You can't dunk me in here surely?
I'll never live this down! You can't subject me to this humiliation?
Are you really going to throw me in to all this slime? You cant. Can you?
H: Oh yes we can and oh yes we will! After all I don't think you'll of had any problem doing it to your sister! The host then turns to Jessica. H: But first Jessica we can't make things too easy for you, so we've got one last game that could leave you a little bit messy!
That's not fair!
As long as it's only a little bit messy!
H: Callum! I'm going to ask you 3 questions and for each question you get right we will give your sister a messy surprise! How does that sound?
She can't have it all her own way!
At least I get something out of this!
Make sure you get her hair!
H: Okay Callum first question. Who was the goal scorer when Manchester United conceded a premier league goal inn the opening minuet for the first time? C: It was Dzeko! H: That's correct Callum! We'll even let you chose what we'll do to Jessica! Do you want...
her head dunked into a bucket of mushy peas?
to put her in a sleeping bag and fill it up to her neck in custard?
to give her a rice pudding hair do?
How does Jessica react to this gunging?
look mortifed
shout at Callum that "Your going to get it worse!"
H: Next question Callum! When is Jessica's birthday? This is your chance to prove that your not that bad a brother! C: I'm a great brother! It's the 28th of January! H: Your right again Callum! What shall we do with Jessica?
Birthday cake in the face
Put on wellingtons filled with mayonnaise
Pour a jug of golden syrup over her head?
H: One final question Callum! Are you about to be thrown into the smelliest, most disgusting slime know to man? What is Jessica's reaction to Callum being asked such a easy question?
rolls eyes
pull a face of frustration
Callum pause for a moment in embarrassment, looking down at the gunge. He then quietly mumbles "yes" H: Correct! aren't you a clever one! What would you like to do to Jessica for her final gunging?
cover her head in marmalade?
pour Marmite down her back?
Make her wear gloves filled with chili?
H: Oh dear Jessica! Your a bit of a mess there! What is Jessica doing?
Wiping her face
spitting out food from her mouth
trying to get some of the slop from her hair
H: Well Jessica you may be covered in mess but it's nothing compared to what your brother is about to get! But first we should have a fair trail. Callum, I am going to give you 20 seconds to convince your sister not to gunge you. Your time starts now! Suddenly Callum is not the big brother he once was. He found himself begging his little sister not to gunge him. This was humiliation at it's worst for him. What is Callum saying to Jessica?
Telling her that he will be a nicer, better brother if she does not gunge him?
Or telling her that he has been gunged enough and has learnt his lesson now?
H: So Jessica! After hearing Callum's case do you still want to gunge him?
H: Good choice! Now Callum Jessica tells me that you are a bully of a big brother! Well this is your punishment! Its time for Jessica to give you what you truly deserve! What is Jessica doing right now?
Rubbing her hands with glee
Grinning evilly at Callum
laughing manically.
What is Callum doing?
Looking close to tears?
Tucked up into a ball peering over his legs at the gunge?
Sitting with his hands in his face?
H: Jessica! Its time for you to pull that leaver and gunge your brother! Jessica tugs at her leaver and, of course Cullum's seat tips forward sending him to his sloppy fate. How does Callum fall in?
Arms and legs flailing , screaming
Tucked up into a ball, wimpering
head first as he makes no attempt to move his body as he falls, silent
Callum enters the gunge with no splash as it is so thick. Instead the slop just engulfs him for a second it seems like his disappeared completely. Instead of splashing to the surface, Callum slowly rises up from the centre taking one huge gasp for air. He makes no attempt to clean himself as if he wants hide his face. He slowly doggy paddles his way to the edge of the vat and clings hold of the side. H: Wow Jessica that was fantastic! Would you like to do that again? J: Of course I would! Jessica is then given a pie to smash in her brother's face. What sort of cake is it?
Chocolate cream cake
Gloopy caramel cake
Not a cake but a paper plate with off-date squirty cream on it.
Jessica walks up a set of steps to face her brother. What does she say to him?
phoo You smell!
How was that big bro?
So what does karma taste like?
How does Jessica put the cake in her brother's face?
Hold it below his face and slowly raise it into his face?
Smash it in with all her might.
Push it in firmly and rub it around a bit
H: Jessica how do you feel!
This is the best day of my life!
Is this a dream! Wow!
I feel better than Callum put it that way!
H: Well Jessica, just in case Callum hasn't learnt his lesson, this show demands that you can order your parents to help you punish Callum with gunge if you feel it is needed for a whole year! How does that sound?
I promise I wont carry out any unneeded gungings *wink wink*
After his best friend Jake has suffered it, I think I'm getting Callum in a baked bean bath soon!
Oh, Callum has got a year from hell coming up!
H: I think we'll end the show on a final thought from Callum. Do you have anything to say about your possible gungings coming up for the next year? C: Please Jessica. Don't make me do a baked bean bath. You know I hate baked beans! How does Jessica respond to this?
Of course I know! That's why I'm doing it!
Baked beans all over you! I might even make it a public event!
Well Callum with Children In Need coming up I'm afraid your beany doom seems sealed!
H: Well I think me and Jessica have done a good job here! I'll see you all next time, Good bye! As the credits roll, more gunge falls on top of Callum. What colour is the gunge?
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would you/ wouldn't you gunge polls
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Head to head shows (like this one)
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