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Brutal Discipline

At one time corporal punishment in schools was normal throughout the world. Questioning hurting children physically as a means to instill discipline was seen as radical or even Utopian. Attitudes have changed. Now corporal punishment is banned in most Western democracies but the practice still exists in many parts of the world and often to an extent that would shock most of us! Many religious school argue for the right to render harsh punishments for transgressions according to their traditions lest the souls of the children be placed in jeopardy.

Consider if you'd like the case of a religious all-boys boarding school where misbehaving boys are punished by being stripped naked in front of their class-mates and spanked on their testicles with a leather strap. Critics are quick to call this physical or even sexual abuse.

The school on the other hand argues that the punishment will be conducted by a male staff member and that all the students witnessing the punishment are also male. The leather strap is designed not cause any actual bodily harm. The selection of the testicles as the target for the punishment is only because they are sensitive enough to cause severe pain without any significant injury.

Do you buy the school's defence or do you side with the critics?

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What is your sex?

27% (87) Female
37% (118) Male intact
34% (107) Male circumcised

312 voters have answered this question.

What is your religion?

38% (122) None
22% (71) Roman Catholic
17% (57) Protestant
14% (47) Other Christian
0% (3) Jewish
0% (0) Muslim
5% (18) Other

318 voters have answered this question.

Based on the description above, how would you characterize this school?

23% (74) Sexually abusive.
16% (51) Physically abusive.
59% (186) Instills harsh but acceptable disciple.

311 voters have answered this question.

Do you believe the school's claim that spanking a boy on his scrotum with a leather strap will cause no injury to the boy?

55% (171) No
44% (139) Yes

310 voters have answered this question.

Do you believe the school explanation for why the punishment is inflicted on the scrotum?

47% (145) No
52% (162) Yes

307 voters have answered this question.

Do you agree that it is acceptable for a student to be stripped naked for the purpose of disciple like this?

27% (85) No
72% (226) Yes

311 voters have answered this question.

Do you have any comments?

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91 voters have answered this question.

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