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May the better Will Men Win?!

Can a man get a better outcome for 50% of the Fairer Voters.

Choose the Most expressive Popular Candidate for the unspoken political needs of the Fairer Sips Voters, in the Freedom US System

50% (1) Bravid Valour, when Valour says to women,"maybe", Women very definitely say NO. Valour wants as many women on his side as he can marry to his cause, theirs.
50% (1) Hillary Clinton is a womans woman, that can stand by, over a correctable erring man. Love on Love, experienced intelligence on intelligence.
0% (0) Senator Michele Bachmann, has been described as Intelligence on Intelligence, and has stoutly said NO to Valours, uninvited exploratory maybe...to everything...endearingly courageous of him.
0% (0) Britney Spears just wants to say she wants to END Horse Valour, any which may she can end horse, his horse trading, french eyes, and stoop the messin ur, if I cant end horse him. BE QUIET SPEARS or I will mail you Snail grits.
0% (0) Tay is married to Valour, and can be Marshall, while she trains as a trainee Sherrif, when she hands the Luger over to silently Glareing Marshall, and flushes the arm band...coz I got their votes already.
0% (0) Demi Lovato is all that and more, and then some, the whole deal plus steak knives going out doors at men, a 150% truth, sees at every woman's hip and is joined eye to eye with all women.

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This poll was created on 2014-03-31 15:29:05 by S.T day or T.S day
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