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Men only swims

For decades the YMCA in the USA required nude swimming for men and boys. In the 1970s, it became prohibited; and bathing suits were required. But Olympic size swimming pools can be impractical to heat. The chill that goes through you when you get out of the water in wet swimming trunks can cause colds or blood pressure to rise to unsafe levels, as well as other cardiovascular problems in older men. It is safer to swim without trunks. In Canada, I attended one YMCA that had "Men Only" swims one day per week. On this day, swimsuits were optional in the pool. What is your opinion on Men Only or Women Only swims?
1. Are you
3. Should indoor public pools have Men Only swims where swimsuits are optional?
Yes. But only if there is also a Women Only swim on another day of the week.
Yes. Men Only and Women Only swims. But swimsuits should still be required.
No. There can be a swimsuit optional swim, but it should not be exclusive to either sex.
4. To be answered by females only, please: Should Women Only swims be swimsuit optional and closed to fathers and male spectators?
5. Should a Men Only swim be restricted to males only 18 years of age and older?
6. If you answered No to Question # 5 - Should males under 18 years of age be allowed to attend the Men Only swim?
Yes. With no restrictions other than Open swims. Boys should be allowed to go skinnydipping on that one day.
Yes. If accompanied by a male parent or guardian over the age of 18.
7. To be answered by males only, please: If you answered Yes to Question #6. Should mothers and female spectators be allowed in as on Open swims?
Yes. Otherwise boys raised by single Moms are left out.
No. It defeats the purpose of the privacy of a Men Only swim.
8. Adult Swims usually involve lap swimming or competitive diving rather than playing in the pool as in Open Swims. Teenage boys involved in competitive swimming usually need to workout everyday. Should boys over the age of 12 be allowed to attend without a male parent or guardian?
Yes. If they come to workout by swimming laps or practice competitive diving.
Yes. If they are accompanied by their swim team coach.
Yes. If a boy has a health condition that would be exacerbated by cold or wet trunks.
No. Boys 13-17 should not be allowed without male parent or guardian.
9. For Boys under the age of 18 only: Would you be embarrassed swimming in a pool where some of the men were naked in front of your Dad or Stepdad?
Yes. I would be embarrassed to swim in such a place.
Yes. I would be embarrassed in front of my Dad or Stepdad, but not if I were alone or with my friends.
No. I would not be embarrassed to swim with my Dad or Stepdad, but I would be too embarrassed to take my trunks off.
No. I would not be embarrassed to swim with my Dad or Stepdad, and I would like to swim naked.
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