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Barefoot in Country Areas

I've decided that people who live out in the country are (On average) much more comfortable with going barefoot that those who don't. What about you?
Male or Female?
How old are you?
What sort of area do you live in?
If you don't live in a Rural area, then have you ever gone out to one for a decent amount of time? (Like for visiting a family member)
No (Might as well leave)
In my opinion, I think that people in the country are much more familiar with nature and more comfortable around it than people in the bustling cities. Thus, they are just as comfortable going barefoot outside as they would inside their homes. Your thoughts?
If you live in the country, I would assume that you do some sort of farm work. Which of these outdoor jobs have you ever done or currently do barefoot? (This applies even if you don't live in a rural area)
Weed Pulling
Cutting Grass
Watering Plants
Planting Fields
Harvesting Fields
Caring for animals (Which ones?)
Training animals (Which ones?)
None of the above.
If you have visited a country area (But don't live there) did that visit affect how comfortable you are with going barefoot? How much did you go shoeless outside before the visit compared to afterwards? (P.S. From here on out, assume these questions are asking about your visit time than on day-to-day life)
When you're outside, (And not working) what are the odds that you will be barefoot?
100% - Every time I go outside, I never EVER wear shoes unless I absolutely have to.
90% - You will pretty much always find me outside in bare feet. And if I DO wear shoes, they're usually nothing more than sandals.
75% - The majority of the time, if I'm not working outside, I'll go barefoot. There are times where you could catch me with shoes though....
50% - A lot of times I wear shoes outside, a lot of times I go barefoot. It just depends on what mood I'm in.
25% - Most of the time, I wear shoes outside, even if I'm not working. But sometimes I just like to forget about them.
10% - I'll almost always wear shoes outside, unless someone tempts me REALLY hard to take them off.
0% - I always wear shoes outside if I'm not working. Case closed.
Usually, how often do you wear shoes or socks inside your house?
I think it's OK to wear shoes inside, but I rarely ever do it.
I like to wear shoes inside quite often. What's the matter with that?
I NEVER wear shoes OR socks inside.
Occasionally, I wear flip-flops inside. Is that a problem?
I always wear socks inside, unless it's REALLY hot.
I don't even own any socks.
I pretty much always have shoes inside, even if its hot.
I usually go barefoot, but socks if it's cold enough.
How did you start going barefoot outside if you do it regularly? Did someone convince you to? Was it of your own free will? Or were you barefoot for as long as you can remember?
Any experiences, stories, or the sort that you want to share?
Pretend that I, a 14-year old boy from a small suburban town, came to your house to work for a while. (It's an imaginary situation, do I need to give a reason why?). I would have to stay in your house and work for you and your family for a couple weeks. I came packed with things like clothes and some personal possessions.
So I get the jobs to care for some certain animals, and do a bit of field work every week or so. I wear sneakers every time I go outside, and I usually wear socks in the house. What would you try to do regarding footwear?
Nothing. You wear what YOU want to wear.
I'd try to encourage you to go barefoot more by doing it myself.
One day, I would recommend taking your shoes off outside.
I'd enforce a rule that you are BANNED from wearing any footwear inside the house.
I'd hide all your shoes and socks one night so you'd have no choice but to go barefoot.
I would bug you about wearing shoes until eventually you'd take them off just to get me to shut up.
Is there anything you want to say?
This poll was created on 2014-03-15 19:26:52 by the unknown