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Dominating my boyfriend

My boyfriend recently confessed to me that he wants to be submissive to me and that he had gone to see a dominatrix before we started dating (we have been together for a year). I have "researched" this on the internet and I am excited by it. I want help with what to buy, what to do and how to start.
What should I do to him?
Take his paycheck and give him an allowance?
Use a strap-on on him?
Make him do chores?
Make him do my bidding?
Gag him?
Dress up in leather for him?
Paddle him?
Spank him?
Make him go down on me?
Make him kneel in the corner?
Put him in chastity?
Slap him?
Icy hot on his penis and balls?
Tie him up?
Whip him?
Make him wear panties?
Be mean to him?
I am going to an adult store. What should I buy?
Hand cuffs?
Butt Plug?
Panties for him?
Humbler (a really cool thing that locks his balls and legs so he has to stay on his hands and knees)?
Nothing, use stuff we have around the house?
Leather lingerie for me?
Chastity device?
What other stuff should I get?
Maid costume for him?
Leather gloves for me?
Apron for him?
Boots for me?
What should he call me when I dominate him?
My name?
He also told me he has a smoking fetish. I admit I occasionally do smoke....should I smoke for him when I dominate him?
Only if I want to...after all, he is the submissive!
Yes, and blow the smoke in his face!
I really like the strap-on idea. But, is this too much? Should I wait on this or go for it?
No! Never do this!
Go for it! He asked for it!
Wait and see how he responds to being submissive
See how it goes and decide then
Should I let him come the first time I dominate him?
Yes! Of course a happy ending is best!
Yes, but only if he is really good!
If I put him in chastity? how long should I make him wait?
2 weeks
3-4 days
A month
Start with a week and build it up to a month (or longer!)
A week
How hard should I spank/whip him?
Don't spank him....he is not a child!
Make his butt red!
Leave welts!
When he begs me to stop, give him a few more!
Make him feel it for at least a day or two after!
Lightly at first
This poll was created on 2014-03-17 06:48:58 by jl90245