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Playing Soccer Barefoot

For people who HAVE played it or want to... Really, it's just a bunch of questions about Barefoot Soccer, which I have been curious about for a while.
Male or Female?
How old are you?
Have you played a soccer game barefoot before? If so, how many times?
Only once
Several times
A lot
So many times, I lost count
I haven't played soccer barefoot yet, but I want to
I haven't played soccer barefoot yet, nor would I want to (You might as well leave, then)
If you had a yes for the question above, are you in (Or WERE you ever in) a soccer team? If yes, does your team play barefoot?
Yes, I currently am
Yes, I once was
No team, ever.
If you were ever in a soccer team, did that team ever play barefoot? (If you've played in multiple teams, base the answer off your most recent or current one)
We always play our games barefoot.
We always play our games wearing shoes.
I play games barefoot, while the rest of my team wears shoes.
Some of my team (Including me) plays our games barefoot, while the rest wear shoes.
Some of my team (Not me) plays the games barefoot, while the rest wear shoes.
If you were ever in a soccer team, did that team ever have barefoot practices? (Use the same team as the one in the above question)
We always do every practice shoeless.
Most practices were done without shoes, but sometimes we wore them.
Most practices are done in shoes, but we occasionally like to go without them.
Almost every practice is done in shoes, but once in a while we play barefoot.
The rest of my team likes shoes, while I prefer my bare feet.
We are always given the option to wear shoes or not. I go barefoot most often.
We are always given the option to wear shoes or not. I usually wear them.
Do you think that playing soccer without shoes is better than with them?
I'm leaning more towards the barefoot side...
Depends on the person.
I'm more towards shoes.
NO! Soccer is meant to be played WITH shoes!
Why do you like to play (Or want to play) soccer barefoot? Assuming you do, of course.
It makes my feet tougher.
It makes me feel tough.
I like going barefoot, and I like soccer. Things naturally came together.
I enjoy the feeling of the ground on my feet as I play.
It makes me more comfortable with my surroundings.
I like kicking the ball without my shoes on.
I like it, but I just don't know why.
Other reason.
If you picked "Other Reason", explain here:
Do you ever get concerned with barefoot hazards before or during a shoeless soccer game?
No, I'm confident that the field is safe.
Injuries are natural in sports. I'm not concerned.
I'm a little concerned, but not much.
I constantly worry if I'll step on something.
Imagine that you have just joined a soccer team. The coach permits you to go barefoot during practices if you want, but you HAVE to have shoes during a game. The vast majority of the group prefers shoes on your first practice. What will you do?
I don't care about the majority! Shoes off!
I gladly march into practice with my bare feet.
I uncomfortably join the few people and practice barefoot.
I would prefer to go barefoot, but I'm staying with the majority.
I'll wear shoes.
I'm not much of an athletic person, but soccer is one of two sports which I can at least somewhat play, and I've taken good interest in Barefoot Soccer. I like to go barefoot a lot but I've never actually tried soccer in my bare feet before. Would you recommend barefoot soccer for me?
This poll was created on 2014-03-13 21:30:10 by the unknown