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Goth ladies!

I personally think Goth women are the sexiest people on the planet. This is my opinion, you may choose to agree or disagree. This poll, you get to pick out what you think the PERFECT Goth Chick outfit is.


12% (14) Very Short (a few inches at most, maybe even a shaved section)
30% (33) Short (no longer than the bottom of the ear)
11% (13) Up in two ponytails
6% (7) Braided
38% (42) Long/other

109 voters have answered this question.

Hair color?

58% (64) Black and red
4% (5) Blonde
4% (5) Red
24% (27) Black
4% (5) Pink
1% (2) Blue
0% (1) Green

109 voters have answered this question.

Color contact lenses?

35% (39) Red
10% (11) Black
4% (5) Yellow
2% (3) White
5% (6) Green
41% (45) None (natural color eyes)

109 voters have answered this question.

Make-up and few items of clothing will be standard with every outfit you may select from. Black lipstick, black eye liner, black eye shadow. Thigh high Fishnet stockings, spiked collar and wrist bands. Yes I'm being a bit of a fashion Nazi here, but feel free to make your own poll. Anyways, Now lets pick boots!!

44% (48) Knee-high, stiletto spike heels
11% (12) Knee-high, high-heels
9% (10) Knee-high, platform boots
7% (8) Knee-high, flat bottom
14% (16) Thigh-high, stiletto spike heels
7% (8) Thigh-high, high heels
6% (7) Thigh-high, platform boots

109 voters have answered this question.

Lastly, what kind of outfit finishes the perfect Goth Goddess in your eyes?

28% (31) Goth Cheerleader Uniform
11% (12) Goth School Girl Outfit
0% (1) Goth Nurse Costume
9% (10) Goth Xena Costume
17% (19) Corset and vinyl cat suit (Think about Kate Beckinsale, the Underworld movies)
7% (8) Halter top and hot pants (short shorts)
25% (28) Fishnet shirt over a sports bra and mini skirt

109 voters have answered this question.

Remember these are just what I like, you are entitled to your own opinions, and I hope you enjoyed my silly little poll. Any other ideas you think would look like perfection to you?

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11 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2014-03-09 18:56:10 by Too late to stop her now...
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