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Death of Insects

A brief poll on crushing insects. I'm not sure why I made this.
Male or Female?
What would be your average response to an insect outside on your porch?
Meh. Just leave it.
Sweep it off....Sweep it off....
I will kill it. Now.
What is your average response to finding an insect in your house?
Leave it alone.
Leave it alone unless it starts bugging me.
Release it outside.
Kill it! Kill it now!
Only kill it if it becomes an issue.
Do you at all like killing bugs?
Yes, a lot. (Why?)
Nope, never.
What's your basic opinion on insects in general?
They are disgusting pests that don't deserve to live.
They are the smallest, weakest things in existence.
They are amazing, fascinating creatures.
Do you consider insects part of the animal kingdom?
Well.... yeah.
You are at home with a friend who has an insect-phobia (I don't know what it's called), when you both take notice of a small bug on the floor. Your friend tells you to kill it, now. You're not wearing shoes, only a T-shirt and shorts. There are various objects around you you could use. What do you do?
Tell my friend to stop whining and leave the thing be.
Tell my friend: "If you want it dead, YOU will have to kill it."
Just move over and crush it with my bare foot.
Move over and crush it with my bare hand.
Grab the first thing I can think of and use THAT to kill it.
Choose something good, then kill it.
Don't kill, just drive it off.
What do you think of the idea of having to kill a bug by stepping on it in bare feet?
I'm completely indifferent.
I actually prefer my feet bare when they crush bugs.
I don't like the sound of that, but I could do it.
Yeah.... NO. I'm not squishing THAT thing against my bare skin.
I don't like killing insects ANYWAY.
Do you think that how much a person goes barefoot has something to do with how comfortable they are with crushing bugs barefoot?
I think that the more someone goes barefoot outside, the more comfortable they are with things that are natural, like bugs. Therefore, they wouldn't have such a problem as someone who's used to shoes.
I think that someone who is barefoot more just is more OK with crushing insects barefoot, but not in the same way as mentioned above.
I don't think it really matters. The two are not related.
If you were going to crush an insect barefoot, how would you do it? (Optional)
Hover the ball of my bare foot over it, then quickly smash it against the ground.
Place my toes on the ground first, then slowly lower my foot down until it's dead.
Place my heel on the ground first, then lower my foot until eventually my sole kills it.
Hold my bare foot under it, then quickly crush it.
Put my foot down, and use my toes only to bring its demise.
Just step on it barefoot.
Where do you think you'd most likely encounter a bug worthy of killing while in your bare feet?
Never. Nowhere.
Uhh.... in my house?
In another person's house that's dirtier than mine.
Outside, walking around barefoot.
This poll was created on 2014-03-08 19:40:33 by the unknown