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Be a Powerful Overlord

I've made numerous stories, all with different villains in the plots. I want to see which villains people are more like by polling them on how they'd achieve world domination.
What's your gender?
How old are you?
What would be your main incentive to take over the world?
To make a certain organization or culture the most powerful.
So I can enjoy the luxuries of having all bow down to me.
To get revenge on a particular group or organization.
So I can make a permanent mark on history and make myself known.
I just wanna destroy stuff; world domination is a bonus!
And how exactly would you go about taking over the world?
Make allies with those who will benefit me most; then quickly seize control.
Gather myself an army, strengthen my organization... then start conquering.
Develop the best and most powerful weapons and technologies to eradicate all who oppose me.
Deploy followers in different countries, then have all of them take control simultaneously, in whatever way that works.
Gather and army and start sweeping the globe!
Of course, you'll eventually have to get an army and some followers. How do you plan to do that?
I'll gain the trust of individuals, then slowly convert their people to my way of thinking.
I'll forcefully take other people and use threats to make them obey me out of fear.
Gather those who share interests and convince them to join me.
GATHER an army? Forget it; I'll make my own.
Just take anyone who's ready to rebel, get some weapons, and go!
In order to achieve world domination, you'll have to get through other nations through war, of course. Which of these would be your favorite strategy?
Attack one nation, and then make them think it was a different nation that struck, resulting in a massive war. And then wipe out the winner.
Raid supplies and destroy farms and factories to weaken the enemies, then go in for the kill.
Sneak individuals into enemy nations, then start an uprising. Once the enemy is weak, we take 'em out.
Go straight for the perfect locations for geographic advantages, then finish off the less-important areas.
Strategy? Forget it. I'm charging at whoever poses the biggest threat!
For some, presence is everything. How would you dress yourself while you're around others?
Dress very regally, making myself seem like the most important person there is.
Dark, evil-looking clothing to strike fear into others.
Clothing isn't really important is it? I'd keep whatever I'd wear even if I WASN'T going to be the world's ruler.
Something very formal, like I'm supposed to be the leader here.
Red, red and black. Anything to make me look tough.
What would you do to those individuals who rise up against you?
Let them rebel; It won't take much before we crush their puny attempts.
Leave an extra few troops aside and use them to kill any who rebel.
We won't bother killing them, we'll just toss them all in prison for life.
Kill only the most important individuals publicly, to show them you mean business.
Dress them as troops, force them into the army. If they refuse? That's a different story...
Sooner or later, a hero is bound to confront you. Once you defeat such a person, what would you do with him or her?
Kill them off quickly and finish it sooner rather than later.
Make their end slow and painful, so I can enjoy every moment of their suffering.
Don't kill them, just make him or her my personal slave to bring humiliation.
Just feed them to the minions.
Have a grand feast and cremate the remains publicly.
Okay, now the world is officially under your control. How would you run your new nation?
Freedom for some groups, slavery and suffering for those whom I despise.
Rule with an iron fist; control the citizen's lives.
I'll just run the businesses, schools, and the like. The citizens can keep their stuff.
The government will only interfere if necessary. Otherwise, public problems are the people's problems.
Anarchy! Not really, but the people have an awful lot of freedom. If they mess up, though...
And finally, how would you make sure that the people stay in line?
I'll let them rebel all they want: Just another example of how easily their attempts can be crushed.
Use military power and straight-out fear to keep everyone under control.
Rebels? No problem. They'll all just wake up in a jail cell one day.
If I feel I'm being defied, I'll wipe out the people responsible quickly, before there's a considerable threat to my rule.
Let them gain as much power as they can; It'll make for quite a fun fight!
Okay, so I'm finished with the actual Villain-Quiz, but there's still a couple of opinions I want. First of all, which of these names sounds the best for a villain? (Male or Female)
Serrynar (ser-UH-nar)
Vanrith (VAN-rith)
Cragnikahnn (CRAG-nih-kan)
Arniust (ar-NEE-ust)
Cynriel (SIN-ree-el)
Ragnarok (RAG-nar-ok)
And... if you had to obtain one of these titles, which one would you like to have the most? (I bet that last one is gonna get a lot of votes.)
Lord of Monsters
Midnight King(or Queen)
Master of the Elements
Insect Queen(or King)
The Puppetmaster
Destroyer of Worlds
If you happen to have a Mr.Poll account, leave your username here if you want to know which villain suits you the best: (Check the message forum)
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