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Peeing in a randoms car (girls only)

Ive found over the years one of the most discrete ways to pee in public is find a random car unlocked or with a window down and pee inside the car away from people being able to see you. I want to know who else does this and techniques you use to make doing it easier. Like recently when I go out with my friends at night I bring a coat hanger in my handbag so if we are near a carpark and need to go to the toilet I can open a car using the coathanger and we can use that instead of going in public on a dirty road.
Have you ever peed in a strangers car?
No-Stop Here.
Were you by yourself or with friends at the time and did they use the car too or just you?
By Myself
With Friends but they didn't pee too
With friends that peed in the car too
How many times have you peed in a randoms car before?
Only Once
A few times but rare
A lot
Where was the car you peed in at the time?
Open Carpark
In a driveway
In a caryard or for sale on the side of the road
How did you get in the car?
It was an open roof convertible
It had an opened sunroof and I just peed in that
It was unlocked
It had the window down
I picked the lock
I smashed a window
Where did you pee in the car?
On the drivers seat
On the passengers seat
On the back seats
In a baby seat
On the floor in the front
On the floor in the back
In the glovebox or centre console
all over the steering wheel
all over the cdplayer
Did you wipe yourself after?
Yes using tissues in my bag
Yes on a dry seat in the car
Yes on clothes in the car
If you used a tissue did you leave it in the car or take it with you?
Left it on the puddle in the car
Hid it in the car
Took it with me
Have you ever used a car as a toilet when needing to poo or just for peeing?
I have pooed in a car aswell
No only peeing
Did you feel bad after for damaging someone's car?
Not at all, peeing is a natural thing and when you've got to go you've got to go
No it was funny
No not really, I needed to pee and it was the best option
a little but I needed to go so I don't regret it
I felt bad after but would do it again if I needed to pee
I felt really bad and wont do it again
If there wasn't a car around but a motorbike with a helmet left on it would you sit the helmet down on the ground and pee in that to avoid splashing from the hard ground?
Yes ive done this
Yes I would do it
no that's wrong
Finally why did you use a randoms car as a toilet?
It is discrete and no one can see me
The fabric seats soak in the pee so it doesn't splash all over me
it was dark and the car had a light I could use to see
my friends suggested it when looking for a toilet and I just followed
it was cold outside and the car kept me warm
it was raining outside and the car kept me dry
Its easier to sit in a car and pee then squat on the ground
I thought it would be funny
it turned me on to do it
This poll was created on 2014-02-27 10:46:45 by Catie<3