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mom's sex secret

m 24yrs old i have a story about my mom, this was a big secret of my mom and she never knew i saw her and i didnt tell her about it, because its awkward and i dont want to destroy my mom and dad's marriage. this happened 8 yrs ago when i was 16yrs old and my mom was 39 that time, she was smokin hot 8yrs ago when she was 39, she has that meaty sexy figure, long meaty sexy legs. she's not skinny, she's not fat, but she was a meaty woman, her figure was like jennifer lopez. my dad works out of the country he only goes home once or twice a year. we had a happy family, my mom and dad loves each other very much. one summer my cousin went on a vacation for a week, he was 2 yrs older than me he was 18yrs old, he always go to our house every summer and stayed there for 1-2weeks hanging out with me and my younger brother(15yrs old that time). when my cousin is in the house i always saw him staring at my mom's butt and sexy legs, my mom always wear a mini skirt in the office, whenever she arrives home late at night i always see my cousin kim staring at her sexy legs, and always follow her upstairs and staring at her legs going up, what turns me on is my mom always caught him staring at her legs and she just ignores it, i saw her many times when she was going up stairs wearing an office mini skirt attire and she saw my cousin kim follows her everytime upstairs 2 steps behind her and obviously staring at her big butt and sexy legs and she just ignores it every time, i think she likes it. Then one night about 8pm me and my brother and my cousin kim was watching a basketball game in the park, a few blocks away from our house then my mom came along after a day working in the office, she saw us and she was wearing that hot office attire mini skirt and a tall sexy shoe. she's carrying a bag of groceries, then she asked my cousin kim to help her carry it home, i ask her to do it but she stop me and said kim will do, so me and brother can enjoy watching the basketball game. they walked home, kim carried the bags. 20min later, something came naughty in my mind, i remember kim likes my mom wearing those sexy mini skirt office attire, and what if they were alone in the house, i decided to go home, but i told my brother i will be back to get some snack, he agreed, then i quickly walked home, then quietly sneak in to our house, i saw the bags on the table but no one in the living room, then i heard some murmuring as i slowly walked in there, until i got to stairs behind the living room near the kitchen, i hide beneath the cabinet, i shockingly saw them having sex on the stair, i saw my mom on top of my cousin kim, my cousin kim was half naked just wearing his pants, he was seating on the stair thread about 6 steps above the ground and my mom was on top of him, sitting on him, sitting on his lap with her legs around his body, her left hand was holding on the railing and the other hand was around kim's neck, she was still wearing that hot mini skirt and her tall shoe and her bra, i was shocked but i felt excited and naughty and seems to be liking it, i had a good view of them, i was viewing my mom's backside and her body was covering kim, thats why they cant see me, my mom was seating on him and they were making out and even if i cant see them direclty kissing because of the view, i know they are hardly kissing tongue to tongue like eating each other's mouth because of the sound they make, the sound was like eating an ice cream but a little louder. the fun part was they were slowly going up the stair with that kind of position and they never got up with their feet, just kim sitting on the stair steps and my moms was sitting on him and they went up every step slowly, when they were on the 10th step, my mom took off her bra and threw it behind her, still she was seating on kim and they were wildy eating each other's mouth and tongue, then finally after few minutes of slowly pushing their way up the stairs, they got on to the last step and then the hallway was next, i went up slowly to follow them, i went up to the 9th or 10th step then i stop because that was already a good view, then i saw them crawling slowly on the hallway with that same position, kim was sitting on the floor and my mom on top of him sitting on him, they were still kissing hardly and murmuring loudly, they were kissing and making out so long. finally after tons of minutes of kissing and crawling their way off the hallway, they got inside the bedroom, my mom was still sitting on kim and kim was still sitting on the floor with my mom on top of him she opened the door knob, they went inside the room by crawling, i mean it really looked like a wrestling match and my mom was dominant,she was all over him. my mom kicked the door to close, but it did not close completely, i slowly got up again and followed them again then i sneak to the door opening to watch them, about 2 inches open i saw my mom pounding at my cousin kim, my cousin still on his back and my mom still on top. seriously my mom never let him got up his feet, and she too never stood up, she was simply sitting on top of kim's lap with her legs around kim and kim just simply sitting on the stair on the floor carrying my mom on his lap while hardly kissing, they slowly crawled their way up from the stair to the hallway to the bedroom with that same position, its really amazing how they manage to do that, i mean its pretty hard. Then inside the bedroom they pound and pound, my mom still on top and she was starting to get louder, screaming while pounding on kim, kim's pants was off the knee, and my mom was still wearing that mini skirt but her panty was off, she really sounds hot screaming, seems it was the sex of her life. about 20 min of screaming and screaming i got worried that our neighbor might hear it because our neighbor's house has just 3 meters setback away from ours, and it seems my mom dont care about it. they were pounding for 10-15min then it cum and i knew the way they scream its done, i quickly went down and out, i went back to the court, i finished watching the game with my brother, then after 25 min my brother and i went home, then i saw my cousin watching tv downstairs and my mom was taking a shower upstairs like nothing happened. then i just zip my mouth never told anybody about it and i think about it every night and masterbate about it. poor dad, he didnt know about my mom's erotic sex with my cousin kim, i dont want to ruin our family because of it, my mom and dad still happily married today.
why did my mom did something like that? i mean i know her as a decent woman, i saw her getting stared by men and younger men before in malls and she just walk away and seems dont like it. but now she had sex with my cousin.
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