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Adult men who live with their parents

Men 25 & over please. Women you will take part in this poll too. Please be truthful. Read questions carefully before answering because some will be gender specific. Thanks!
Female ( your questions will come later in the poll)
Males Your Age
You live with?
Both mom & dad
Highest level of education
Dropped out of high school
12 years of high school no diploma
High school diploma
Bachelor's degree
Master's degree
Are you employed?
Not employed
Relationship Status
In a relationship
Your main form of transportation
I have my own vehicle
Public transportation
You live
In the city
In the suburbs
In the country/rural area
Income Status
I get a paycheck
I make money when I can
I'm struggling financially
I hustle to make .money
There are many factors, what's the main reason you live with your parents?
Just got of college
Looking for work/Unemployed
Credit is making it hard for me to get my own place.
I have a felony making it hard for me to get an apartment.
Lack of motivation/desire to get out on my own
Combination of some of the above answers.
Other Not Specified
Does your situation make it hard for you to go on dates or have a relationship?
What do you think of the TLC song "No Scrubs"?
LOL funny and catchy!
I find it condescending.
Don't bother me, it's just a song.
What's TLC?
They can't talk at least I didn't file for bankruptcy or burn a woman's house down.
When you go out with friends you____
Are paying my own way
Sometimes need to borrow $$$ or have someone spot me.
Broke most of the time and need someone to spot me.
If I don't have the money to go, I stay home.
My parents
Are cool with me staying because I help them at the house.
Been dropping hints telling me of places that are renting and orggiving me job leads.
Gave me a deadline to gain employment and or move out.
Kicking me to the curb.
Putting up with me staying with them.
Living with my parents
Is embarrassing and I can't wait to get out on my own.
Is helping me transition into my own place.
Is the only option I have at this time because of legal or other issues.
Is no one's business and I'm tired of explaining myself to people.
Final Question for men only: In my spare time I like to____
Surf the web
Drink a few beers alone or with friends
Play video games ie Xbox or PlayStation
Look for employment
Look for my own place
Read and or write
Smoke marijuana or k2
Hang out at the library
Entertainment ie movie, malls, sports bar etc
Other Not Specified
WOMEN: Now your portion of the poll begins. Would you date a man who lives with his parents?
No way! I don't want no scrub!
It depends on the situation.
Only if he has a for sure exit plan.
Yes I would.
Ask my husband who was in that situation when we met.
Would you date a man who doesn't have a vehicle?
Would you date a man who is unemployed?
Only if he is actively job searching.
No I don't want a man sponging off of me.
No my last boyfriend just sat on his butt and contributed nothing.
Final Question for Women: If the role was in reversed would you want a man to give you a chance?
Sure every situation is different.
I believe in being independent and would establish.myself before I even think of dating.
Yes but it wouldn't shock me if because of it l didn't get many phone calls or dates.
Ask my husband he dated me when I was in a similar situation.
Men & Women thank you for taking part in this poll.
Thank you (male)
Thank you (female)
This poll was created on 2014-02-19 03:01:32 by aries44