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Weird Situations & Habits

Just some stuff to see if some people have habits like I do, or would do a similar thing in a certain situation. Anything in this poll marked with a * is what I would pick.
Are you male or female?
Male *
How old?
Younger than 10
10-15 *
41 or higher
How would you describe your sense of style?
I have no fashion sense; on a normal day, I throw on whatever I can find *
I have a slight caring for how things look.
I care about as much as your average person.
I get really concerned about how my clothes look on me.
I have to have the perfect outfit every day.
On your average school or work day, what kind of breakfast do you have?
Nothing, I just wait to eat until lunch or another opportunity *
I grab something quickly and eat on the way there.
I have a small meal at home. (Ex. Cereal, Toast, ect.)
I have a large breakfast at home (Ex. Waffles + Cereal, Pancakes, ect.)
I basically have a buffet at my house.
Do you like eating in general?
Yes, I eat all the time.
Meh, sometimes. Depends on what mood I'm in*
Nah, I only eat during meals. Maybe an occasional snack.
I am disgusted at the thought of eating anything more than I need to.
What do you think about school?
I avoid the place at all costs.
There has to be better ways to educate people.
I can deal with it, but its terribly boring *
I somewhat enjoy it.
Going to school is a great thing in my opinion.
If you had to go without one of these for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Bicycles *
Cell phones
Laptop Computers
CD's and/or DVD's
If you had to go without a certain article of clothing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Coats or Jackets
Socks *
How would you rather die?
Freezing to death *
Burning to death
Which of these environments/situations sounds most comfortable for you?
Sitting in a park on a cool day in fall. Jacket, jeans or sweatpants, Gym shoes.
Sitting in a park or grassy area with a lake and dewy grass on a warm, misty day with only a few people around. T-shirt, jeans or shorts, barefoot or sandals. *
At a pool with only friends, on a nice sunny day in the middle of summer. Wearing nothing but a swim suit.
At a long beach with lots of other people around and a perfectly warm summer day. The sand is soft, and the water is enough to cool you down. Swimsuit, OR Shirtless/T-shirt, shorts, barefoot or sandals.
At home, sitting in a chair with a computer in a warm room, with no one interrupting. T-shirt, jeans, socks.
Do you like swimming at all?
I really like it, but there's other things I can do.
It's not so great to me, but I'll do it...
I really hate swimming *
What is your favorite sport? (To watch) [I have none *]
What is your favorite sport? (To play) [I have none*]
How often do you come to this website?
Quite frequently
Whenever I can't think of a better thing to do. *
Almost never.
Never (Wait... what?)
Imagine this: You are currently at a summer camp with a bunch of people between the ages of 14 and 18 (If you're older than that, pretend you're in this age-group). When you got here, everyone was separated into 4 different groups, each with about 12 people. Two days after arriving for the camp, your entire group leaves on a fishing trip and doesn't come back until sundown (Transportation is a bus.). On your way back, a bunch of people with masks stop the bus and get inside. They look like people from another group. One of them takes a plastic bag and demands that everyone place their shoes and socks inside. He walks down the rows, and people do so. What will you do when the bag gets to you?
I guess I'll play along; I'll remove my shoes and socks and place them in the bag. *
I'll resist until someone grabs me and forces my shoes off.
I'll grab the guy's mask and yank it off.
I will try to convince the masked group that I will join them.
Are you ticklish at all?
If so, which places are the most ticklish areas on your body? (Number 1 to 5)
Belly area (*3)
Under arms (*2)
Sides (*1)
Legs (*5)
Feet (*4)
How often is it that you do play outside when it rains?
Never, unless I have a sports game in the rain.
Very rarely
Rare, but I do it occasionally *
I play in the rain frequently.
I play in the rain all the time.
Type anything.
This poll was created on 2014-02-10 23:01:01 by the unknown