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Wedgied by dad and brother drake

My mom went away for 8 weeks and my dad was mad at me for wedging my brother so he dicited to punish me so he went to the store came back with 20 bags of diapers 35 packs of strong brifes he put on a diper called the hwole school to come to the park and wedgie me and rite a list of things they did un fortantly the schole came and wedgied me till mi brifs broke drake left a location and number and took me to his house i was put in a dumpster till he got granny pannys and made me put them on (im a boy ) he called the entire football team and they destroyed 58 pairs of granny pannys with melvins my d i c k hurt so bad the next day we had school my dad was the principal ( how luckey am i ) so the entire day i was wedgied and made fun of dad hadthe diaers in hs room and i was hung on my last pair of brifs on the flagpole with a sign that said when brifs rip put on diaper and tie up after 28 hrs of torture the brifs ripped and drake saw and put on the diaper tied me to a tree and punched my d i c k untill i was cryying he put clothes pins on my mipples and called my dad and said je would torture me for him he was allowed to stay he from schol and torture me he put me in a purmite wedgie called his girlfried her mom ownes a victorias secret and she work s there so i was put int so many thongs and granny. Pannys went over it to keep it in iwas hung in the stall over night drAle qoke me up with a pungh to the d i ck and i was taken to the schol and hung on the flag pole with a donations box for thongs granny pannys brifs and diapers all the boxes were 4ft tall and 8 feet wide they were all ful for me also nown as. Di ck boy i went to school normal the next day 4days into my moms trip report cards came in tommarow if mine were lower than a 65 this would happen again my brother is the quarterback for r team and he dicides to inwite the team and a nerd to give me the worst night of my life he had the derd give me multipal swirlys and they were taped drAke gave me an atomic wedgie and sent his friend yo get some lax pills and diapers i was hung outside eggs were put outside to throw at me i was washed with a hose my shed has a door on the top and a ladder they took out and put me in by a melvin and an atomic wedgie i was locked in there for 5 hours there was a clock then i was sprayes with the hose and was hit withbooks i got out with a melvin tht was taped atomic mom cAme home. And put me. Out at the park with 100 packs of granny pannys my sise for drake show u the story later
I have to be someones wedgie slave for 2 years you have to be 15 and need some thing to do
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