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Slave to my Brother

I'm a slave to my young brother, Josh. Please give him ideas and options on what to do with me.
Just a quick background. I weigh 135 pounds and am 5 foot 6. My brother Josh is 18, weighs 175 pounds, is 6 foot 1 and is a wrestler. Only a few days ago I lost a bet to him where I am his slave for the next few months. He told me I will be used mostly as a fart slave. But he also included a lot of other things too. His first order was to make this poll for the public to use to humiliate me further. Please answer to questions to make me a better slave.
How often should Josh use me?
1-6 hours
7-12 hours
12-18 hours
All day
Should I have to sleep with my younger brother?
If you answered yes, where?
Under or near his ass
In his armpit.
At his feet.
When not being used, where should I be kept at all times?
By his ass
On my knees at his feet
Tied up or restrained somewhere, ie dog house
Nowhere specific
Should I have to sniff all his farts?
Yes, everytime he farts, you should have to smell it.
No, only when he tells you.
Should I lick and kiss his feet?
Only if he asks
Licking, no kissing
Kissing, no licking
Should I clean the sweat from his armpits?
Yes, whenever he asks you too.
No, that's too far.
Should I have to sniff the insides of his sneakers and lick the bottoms of them clean?
Yes, both
Sniff, but not lick
Lick, but no sniff
Should he gag me with dirty boxers and/or socks?
Yes, both
Just boxers
Just socks
No gag whatsoever
Should he be able to teabag me?
Yes, definitely
No, that's too far
Should he keep me on a leash?
Yes and you should crawl on all fours
Yes but you can stand
Should he hack loogies on me?
Yes, in your mouth and anywhere else.
Not in your mouth, but on other parts of you.
No loogies
Can he use me as wrestling dummy?
Yes, and do whatever he wants
Should I beg him to do humiliating things to me? ie "Please fart in my face"
Yes, beg all the time.
Yes, but only when he wants.
Should he be able to share me with his friends?
Yes, spread the wealth
Yes, but only one or two friends
No, you're only his slave
Should he use me as a toilet?
Yes, for everything
Yes, but only for piss
No, that's too much
Any other suggestions you have for him?
Any stories you want to share about something you did, something that happened to you, or something you know about related to this?
Would you want me to post weekly updates in the messages?
Yes, but daily updates.
Did you like this poll?
Yes, do more similar to this and related to this bet
Yes, but just stick with this one poll
Not really
This poll was created on 2014-02-14 21:33:24 by Anonymous226