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Barefoot for a Play, Performance, or Presentation?

I have heard people talk about going barefoot in a play, and have seen some people do it in a play I've been in. I'm curious about other's experiences. . I'll describe mine first: My first play was for Robin Hood, and I was a guard there. I wasn't the one who had to go barefoot, though. During rehearsals, a lot of the girls and 1 or 2 boys went barefoot just because they wanted to, and no one said otherwise. Once we had the actual performance, most of the people who were peasants decided to play their parts in bare feet. Well, that's all I really have to say. You can take the poll now.
Male or Female?
How old are you currently?
Have you ever gone barefoot in a play?
If so, have you done it for multiple plays? How many?
I've only done it once
I've done it twice
I've done it 3 times
I've done it 4 times
I've done it 5 or more times
Let's just talk about the first time you were barefoot for a performance. How old were you?
Less than 7
20 or older
Was this a school play? Or a non-school play?
School play
Non-school play
It wasn't a play, but a performance or presentation
If you had to go barefoot, why did you?
My character was barefoot.
Someone recommended it, so I went barefoot.
I chose to because it fit my part, and no one stopped me.
I chose to, and no one said anything about it.
If you had to go barefoot, what play was it and which character were you?
How did it feel to perform in front of the audience with bare feet?
I was nervous the whole time
I was worried about people's reactions
I enjoyed it
I was nervous at first, but got used to it.
I couldn't wait to get on stage
It was scary
After a while, I completely forgot that I was barefoot.
It actually felt nice after a while
I liked showing off my feet to the audience
I didn't care at all.
I was shy about my feet
It was embarrassing
Did you ever go barefoot during rehearsals?
Only for dress rehearsals
During most rehearsals, because I was told to
During most rehearsals, because I wanted to
I was always barefoot for rehearsals, because I was told to
I was always barefoot for rehearsals, because I wanted to.
Only for the actual performance
Have you ever seen anyone else go barefoot for a play?
If so, where you watching the play or were you performing with them?
I was watching
I was performing
Why was that person barefoot?
The character was barefoot.
He/She chose to because it fit the part
He/She chose to, and no one objected
How did he/she feel about going barefoot in front of an audience?
Have you seen people rehearse a play in bare feet, despite having shoes on for the actual performance?
Yes, multiple people
Have you ever had a rehearsal where EVERYONE in the play had bare feet?
Yes, because we were all required to
Yes, because everyone chose to
Yes, because EVERYONE in the actual play had to go barefoot
Yes, but there were 1 or 2 people who didn't
There was one time where we had a school play with a whole lot of girls and a couple boys in it. We were given a short part of it in an assembly. Apparently, EVERYONE in the play had to go barefoot, even though none of them had any real reason to. They even left the building and boarded the bus barefoot, and only a few of them had flip-flops in their hands. Have you ever seen a performance like this?
If so, describe the play.
If one day I was required to go barefoot for my part in a play, do you have any recommendations for me? (I am usually very shy about my feet .)
This poll was created on 2014-01-26 20:40:30 by the unknown