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Should I...?

There's a friend of mine who really likes to go barefoot, and thinks that I don't. Yet, the opposite is true. I want HER to know that I actually like it, but no one else. How should I do this? (We're both 13, go to church together, but not school. I only really see her regularly on Sundays and Tuesdays.)
What gender are you?
Male (You might understand me better)
Female (You might see things my friend's way)
How old are you?
Just by what you read in the description, how close do you think I am to my friend?
Like, Girlfriend/Boyfriend close
Best friends, but not GF/BF
Good friends
We know each other enough
We barely know each other
Well... if you picked anything but the 2nd answer, you are WRONG. Anyway, back to the poll.
How exactly should I tell my friend that I go barefoot?
Just don't tell her.
Leave slight clues when you talk to her and let her piece it together.
Get her somewhere away from everyone else and tell her flat out.
Just meet up with her and tell her, forget what other people think.
Take her somewhere away from everyone else, and show her by taking your shoes/socks off.
Go barefoot in front of her, but disguise it in the form of a dare/bet/ect.
Just announce it in front of everyone.
Don't tell her; she'll find out on her own eventually.
When do you think I should tell her?
As soon as possible.
When you're comfortable with it.
Wait for a while. Maybe in a couple weeks.
As soon as you start dating ('-_-)
Don't tell her; she'll figure it out.
Okay, assume that I'm going to show her that I like it by taking my shoes/socks off somewhere. Where do you think that somewhere should be?
Wherever you tell her at.
At your church.
Outside your church, when it's warm.
Outside your church, when it's cold.
At MY house.
Outside my house.
At HER house.
Outside her house.
Record yourself outside and E-mail it.
Assume the same as the question above. Do you think I should have her go barefoot with me?
No, all the better if you go barefoot alone.
Only if she wants to.
Only if she's barefoot when you go to show her.
If you feel like it when the time comes.
Okay, now assume I'm going to show her by going barefoot, but disguise it in the form of a dare or bet. Tick two things that you think I could do.
See who could stand outside in the snow without shoes the longest.
See who can stand outside on hot asphalt without shoes the longest.
Have a barefoot race around the church building.
Have a barefoot race around the church building in the snow.
Have a barefoot race to the park across the street form my house and back.
Have a barefoot tree-climbing contest.
You and her walk around the nearby neighborhood barefoot. See who can last the longest.
You and her go out into a forest near your church while you are both barefoot.
Have one tickle the other's feet to see how long they can handle it. Then switch.
Have a bet to see how long you both can stand on hard rocks barefoot.
Have some weird bet and the loser has to go barefoot.
Have some weird bet and the loser has to go barefoot. You lose on purpose.
Now assume that I'm just going to flat out tell her. Should I also take off my shoes and socks if she doesn't fully believe me at first?
Of course!
Only if you want to...
When I go to tell her/show her, what kind of shoes should I have when I meet her somewhere? (Pretend I tell her to meet me in room X. Despite what shoes I had before, I will enter room X wearing this.)
Shoes and socks.
Gym shoes without socks.
Sandals with socks.
Sandals without socks.
Socks only.
Nothing. When you meet her, you shall come in already barefoot.
Pretend that I'm going to leave clues for her to figure it out. Any ideas on what I could say or do?
Okay, say it's after I do what I do and she knows that I like going barefoot. Do you think I should continue going barefoot with/around her?
Of course. If you ever get the opportunity, pull her aside and strip off the shoes.
Maybe sometimes. If you both ever feel like it, go walking barefoot or something.
If you ever feel like it, you can do it every now and then.
No, she already knows. Unless she desperately wants you to go barefoot, don't do it again.
Take the place of my friend. If someone you knew who always wore shoes pulled you aside and took off his shoes and socks to go barefoot, what would you react like?
I'd be indifferent.
I'd be confused.
If I hadn't already, I'd take mine off too.
I'd be completely stunned.
I'd be surprised, but not too much.
It'd be a struggle not to tell anyone.
I'd be upset that you came into the whole barefoot thing.
I'd be happy that we'd finally share a way of thinking.
Any other suggestions? When I do it, I'll show it in the message forum.
This poll was created on 2014-01-05 01:35:12 by the unknown