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This is a sneeze poll where get to know more about how do you sneeze and what is your sneezing type that you usually sneeze everyday in your daily life.

What is your sneezing type? Mine is a Normal and Strong Loud Sneeze.

18% (6) Cough-like Sneeze: Sneeze so close together that there is no question of drawing breath between each sneeze and some people who sneeze like this only manage two or three little sneezes but some come close to ten.
3% (1) Cute Sneeze: Sneeze like a mouse noise.
6% (2) Internal Sneeze: Sneeze and pinching nose comes out an odd ''Ump'' noise.
6% (2) Machine Gun Combo Sneeze: Sneeze every 1 seconds that keep on going and going and going non-stop that gives little or no warning and is a quick as a blink in both the in and out parts.
37% (12) Normal Sneeze: Sneeze that most dectectable and interesting when it is drawn out for a long time and making the person breathe in deeply to let it out with one or two times neutral sneeze like ''Achoo'' or ''Atchoo''.
3% (1) Silent Sneeze: Sneeze that comes without a single sound in a completely silent.
6% (2) Stifle Sneeze: Sneeze coming out from the nose only resulting in little or no spray that starts to come out but the sneezer holds in it.
37% (12) Strong Loud Sneeze: Sneeze that is lough and powerful resulting in a giant output and often heard on building sites or from body shops makes everybody freak out.
6% (2) Tiny Sneeze: Sneeze typically in which there seems to be no breath in and only a soft small release outward like ''Choo''.
9% (3) Wet Sneeze: Sneeze in which the outcome is messy in a great deal of mucus and come out from both nose and mouth in what might be considered a splat.
6% (2) Other type of sneeze.

32 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2013-12-25 15:02:32 by MikeAngel1990
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