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Feedback On Fern Relkin

Fern Relkin Veteran Actress Of Blowjob & Feet Films Back in the 1990's Cocksucker Fern Relkin did two feet films for men that were carried by Adult Boutique in Maplewood, New Jersey. She also had appeared in a blowjob film they carried produced by photographer Steve Nash of South Orange called "Hungry Ms. Relkin". The film opened with Mr. Nash aggressively torture-tickling the soles and toes of the cocksucker woman’s bare feet until she started screaming hysterically and couldn't take it anymore, then she grabbed hold of his dick and started to aggressively suck and then wickedly bite into Nash’s 10 inch boner like a cannibal, leaving teeth marks on his shaft, (Ms. Relkin was amused at the fact that she started to bite Mr. Nash’s o the soundtrack of “walnuts cracking”) until he started yelling TAKE IT EASY COCKSUCKER, YOU’RE EATING ME ALIVE!! and then shot all over her face and got it in her hair also. This woman appeared in the early adult theater films sucking men’s dicks in the 1970’s. Ms. Relkin later remarked when interviewed “When Nash first asked me to do the film, I was hesitant to do it because I was engaged to be married, but what the hell, girl’s last fling, Nash’s 11 Inch boner to choke on ” (Her laughter) “I had no idea what getting my feet tickled by Nash would be like since I didn’t experience this from sucking other men’s dicks in the films. (She was warned that Nash had a reputation for really “going to work” on a woman’s bare feet, but she said “I’ll endure it) Oh yea? Nash was torturing my bare feet, that’s why I started screaming and that’s why I decided to bite this guy’s boner hard enough to leave teeth marks” When asked about her boyfriend Johnny, she remarked “He probably will see the film, and when he does he’s just another man in the audience and I’m not bothered by that. I’m a little bit of a sadist, and I would enjoy him getting shocked and twisted out as Steve Nash tortures my bare feet and I bite into Nash’s boner until he shoots all over my face.”
Describe how you would torture-tickle Fern Relkin's bare feet if you were Steve Nash and how you would respond to Ms. Relkin's oral methods.
This poll was created on 2013-09-28 14:49:43 by Matbj