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spanked by roommate

I am an adult male who is sharing an apartment with another adult male. Six months ago I was fired from my job and agreed to do extra chores around the place in exchange for my half of the rent. When I wasn't doing them my roommate gave me a choice, either move out and get spanked by him if I don't do my chores, I chose the spanking. Two months ago I got another job, but he still spanks me, saying I am still responsible for half the work around the place and I didn't live up to my end before I lost my job. He also makes sure I am in bed on time since I lost my last job for always being late. He wants to add to my punishment but I don't think he should, I am doing this poll so others will back me up.
Should my roommate continue to spank me since I am paying my half of the rent now?
Yes, you didn't do you share before he should make sure you do your share now
No, you are an adult and are paying your share, so the spankings should be over.
My roommate use to spank me when we were alone but says he is thinking of spanking me when I earn my spanking, no matter who is over. Should he spank me in front of others?
Yes, you should be spanked when you earn your spanking, and the embarrassment of being spanked in front of others will only help you behave.
No, you should be spanked in private.
My roommate sends me to bed right after my spanking, should I have an early bed time if I am spanked?
No, you are an adult, you should go to bed when you want to.
Yes, but not right after your spanking, an hour early will be fine.
Yes, if you need to be spanked like a child then you should be sent to bed like a child.
My roommate has me put on a pair of panties before he spanks me and makes me sleep in a nightie after he spanks me, then the next day I have to wear panties all day and sleep in a nightie again. Should I have to wear panties and a nightie.
Yes, the added embarrassment should help you to behave.
No, you are a man and should have to wear panties or a nightie.
My roommate is thinking about increasing the time I have to wear panties and sleep in a nightie after my spankings. He wants to go one week after my spanking but if i get spanked again while I am in panties then two weeks will be added, if I am spanked a second time then four weeks will be added, a third time eights weeks then sixteen weeks for a fourth time and so on. Is this fair?
Yes, the one day in panties isn't working.
No, if the one day isn't working then more days won't work.
Why is he giving you false hope, he should just put you in panties and nighties all the time, after your first spanking you won't ever get out of them.
My roommate is thinking of adding corner time to my punishment, should he?
No, corner time is childish and won't help you.
Yes, standing in your panties waiting for him to pull them down and spank you will only make your punishment more effective.
Yes, standing with your panties around your ankles with your red bottom on display while you cry will only make your punishment more effective.
Yes, standing in your panties waiting for him to pull them down and spank you and then back to the corner with your panties around your ankles with your red bottom on display while you cry will really make your punishment more effective.
I always cry when I get spanked, I say this means he is spanking me to hard. He says it means I feel guilty about what I did and the crying is a way to get out my guilt. Who is right.
You are, if you are crying for every spanking he is spanking you to hard.
He is, if you always cry then you need to cry.
Neither, you are just a crybaby.
My roommate got me my job at work and says my performance at work reflects on him, so he wants to spank me when I screw up at work, should he?
No, your spanking agreement is only for the home.
Yes, he put his reputation on the line so he should make sure you don't ruin it for him.
He says he wants to tell my supervisor and manager that if I screw up at work they should come to him and he will spank me and they can watch if they want to. This would be to embarrassing for me, should he do it?
No, they don't need to know you are spanked.
He should tell them you would be spanked, but they should get to watch.
Yes, if you screw up at work they should know it is being taken care of and they should be able to watch to make sure he doesn't go to easy on you.
He also says that i would have to write an apology letter to them, letting them know how sorry I am that I screwed up and describing how exactly I was spanked. Should I have to do this.
No, just them knowing you were spanked should be enough.
Yes, if they didn't come to watch me get spanked they should know what happened at my spanking.
Yes, even if they watched it, it will help reinforce the spanking in my mind and let them know I truly understood why I was spanked.
He says he is having trouble finding time to go on dates having to see to my needs and thinks I should see to his needs when he is horny, should I?
No, he has a hand for that, same as you do.
Yes, but just anal.
Yes but just oral.
Yes, he should be able to get anal and oral from you depending on his mood.
If i was your roommate and after finding out what you did about me in this poll how would you punish me?
This poll was created on 2013-12-16 07:34:12 by jacob