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kids playing a game of chicken in the bath room in the bath

to find out at what point kids would chicken out if playing a agme of chicken in the bath room in the bath
parents will you let you kids take part in this poll it is about a game of chicken
i will think about it
how old are you
under 8
what is your gender
this is about playing the game of chicken in you bath room in the bath with you brother /sister/cusan/mates / on your own. I am goinig to tell you what each round of the game in tails and all i want you to do is tell me at what point you would chicken out of the game. so first of all have you ever played the game of chicken
I think so
not sure
would you play the game of chicken in your bath room in the bath
it depends on what it would mean me doing
right here gose tell me at what point you would chicken out of the game yes? round one is a simple round 1 fill the bath with water just the right amount for you to be able to clime into sit down in lie down in so that you hair gets wet and the sit back up and stand up to clime out of with out it spilling on to the floor. 2 get undressed like you would for your usle bath the clime into the bath sit down then lie downgetting you hair wet then sit up stand up and clime out 3 the next person follows suit if their are two or more of you playing. would you do this round
round 2 if their is more than one perso playing then you get ready for round 2 while the others are taking there turn i round 1 so round 2 add put your under waer on and follow roud 1 in climeing into the bath sitting down lieing dow to get hair wet sitting up standing up climeing out only in your under waer. would you do round 2
no chicken out
round 3 if more than one person is playing and still in the game follow same as round 2 but you already have under waer on so add traciee bottams jeans or a skirt if you are a girl and hen copye round 1 anaign this time with the extra item you have just added. would you do round 3
no i chicken out here
round 4 now it starts to get intresting if there are more than one of you playing the game as round by round sone will be chickening out of. so round 4 lets add a t-shirt to what you are all ready waering and follow the same as the other rounds. would you do round 4
no i chicken out here
round 5 should be gettin even more intersting if more than one is playing as to how many are still left in after rounds 2,3,4 because now in round 5 we are going for it add socks to what you are wareing follow rounds 2,3,4 would you do round 5
no ichicken out here
round 6 this should now begetting realy realy intersting if more than one person is playing as the number left in will have droped again. so here we go round 6 lets add a jumper to what you are waering and follow the same as befor. would you do round 6
no i chicken out here
now then is it getting intresting now we are on round 7 how many of those how strted the game with you are still left in as now in round 7 we realy do go for as you now have naerly you full clothes on after this round if there are more than one left in then you can etier declare it a draw or ad antother round on as a diciderthat is you choice but ruond 7 but your shoes on now you are about to do the most daring round of all as you are now what i call fully clothed and you are now about to follow all of the other rounds yes now get in fully clothed if you dare. would you do round 7
yeah defanetly
nope i chicken out here
right if after round7 you have a draw you could do another round which you declare as the tie braking round if there is more than one player let after round 7 but diside if you are going to have this round be for you start so that all players know to have the item needed for this round to hand and if you are havung this round then who ever is left after this round i declared the winner if more than one is left atfer this rond you declare it a draw round 8 the disider round os you have come to the disuder then you have now been in the bath fully clothed in your shoe and there are more than one perso left in so for this the oly thing that can be added is guess what yes you have got it you coat and now dare you get in the bath and follow all the other rounds if this roud was inclued would you do round 8
yeah not a probalem iam up for that
ok now i realy do chicken out there is now way on earth i am going in the bath fully clothed in my shoes and my coat count me out
right now will you play this game for real
yes sure why not would be intrestin to see if i would win
yes i my parents say i can
i will thnk about it
no way
who are you going to play it with
on my own and see how far i get befor i do chicken out
my brother
my brothers
my sister
my sisters
my brothers and susters
my cusan
my cusans
This poll was created on 2013-12-14 01:51:22 by HOWARDTHEDUCK