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Babysitting older boys

Most everyone agrees that girls mature much faster than boys. How many girls have been babysitters for their older brothers or other older boys? Any guys who had younger girls babysit them?
How old were you when you started babysitting older boys?
9 years old 10 years old 11 years old 12 years old 13 years old 14 years old
How much older was the boy you used to babysit?
One year older Two years older Three years older Four years older Six or more years older
Did he object to a younger girl babysitting him?
Yes No
Did his parents know how old you were when they hired you?
Yes No
Did he obey you?
Yes No
Did he obey you because he was a good boy and the obedient type? Did he know he would be in trouble with his parents if he didn't obey you? Was he afraid of you?
How did you force him to obey you?
I'm used to bossing around older boys, including my older brothers I beat him arm wrestling to prove I was stronger I pinned in a wrestling match to show him who was boss
How long did it take him to accept you as his babysitter?
The first time I sat for him. Two or more times.
Did you eventually have fun, playing games with him, wrestling him or letting him sit on your lap while you watched TV?
We played board games and I always won. We wrestled and I pinned him every time He loved sitting on my lap for long periods of time.
Did you ever babysit two or more older boys at the same time?
I used to regularly babysit two brothers, both of whom were older than me. I once babysat for three older boys. I babysat for four or more older boys and they all obeyed me.
This poll was created on 2013-12-13 00:26:22 by SyThinman