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can i as for som advice

to get some advic on some thin my 8 year old so wishes to start doing

I have an 8 year old son and he has recentley ask me if he can take up swimming fully clothed with his shoes and sock on as a hobbie . He can swim and is a good strong swimmer he gose swimmin regualer with his friends he say he has seen this been done but assuers me he has not yet done it as he would not do it with outmy permission i have told hi i wil think about it but not sure what to do he keeps nattering me about doing it can any one help?

11% (1) it may be that his friends are doing this and teassing himbecouse he is not find out why he realy wishes to do it if it that jis freinds are teassing him tell him he dos not have to do it if he dos not want
22% (2) let him do it but tell him that you will go with him the first time if you worid about him doing it just make sure he can do it with out getting into any truble
22% (2) you say he can swim if it is what he wants to do let him do it
33% (3) if you do not like the idear of him doing it make it clear to him that you do not wish him to do it
44% (4) do not let him do it as it is not easy to do
0% (0) cna not realy say it a choice you are going to have to make

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This poll was created on 2013-07-14 23:34:18 by HOWARDTHEDUCK
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