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Stockings at 16 years old?

Hi everyone! My mom bought me a nice pair of stockings with belt for my 16th birthday (which was 5 months ago) saying that she will allow me wear them later. So far she didn't. I asked her several times when I can start wearing them and she always replied like "You see I think you're still too young to wear stockings". It started to really drive me mad. I have them in my drawer but can't put them on. I'm 16 yo and I'm still too young? I really want to wear them sometimes. Esp on a date because since my skirts are quite short mom makes me wear pantyhose which is boring! Tell me what you think, how old a girl must be before she can wear stockings?
Is it acceptable for a 16 yo girl to wear stockings?
If no, at what age I can start wearing them?
20 or older
If yes, where and when can I wear them?
Whenever I feel like
Only on dates
Only when I'm with mom
Appropriate length of my skirt
Below knee
Knee length
Mid of thigh
Short skirt
What can I wear under my skirt with stockings?
Cotton panties
Silk panties
Sheer panties
Do I have to ask mom for permission to put on stockings?
If I get caught wearing them without permission should I be punished?
No. But stockings would be confiscated.
Spanking and grounding
If I were on a date and had stockings on I'd likely feel like taking off my panties somewhere during the date and handing them over to my boyfriend. Do you think my mom would check if I have panties on when I get back home? If I get caught with no panties I'd def be punished.
Definitely she would
Nah. Unlikely
What do you think is the main reason when my mom says a young girl shouldn't wear stockings on a date? So far I only wear pantyhose on dates.
The boyfriend gets easy access to the girl's panties
The girl can easily take off her panties
The girl's legs look too adult-like in stockings
With a short skirt tops of my stockings and suspenders will be on full view for everyone when I sit. Is it supposed to be this way?
Yes, it's part of wearing stockings
No, you need a longer skirt that would cover your thighs
I mostly wear pleated skirts. What kind of skirt fits stockings better?
Short pleated skirt
Short tight skirt
Anything you want to say to me you can do it here;)
This poll was created on 2013-10-27 18:38:05 by ShinyEyes