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Girls Stolen Shoes

This poll is to attempt to find trends when people steal shoes. what they do, what they look for, etc... please help us out with this poll and tell others to vote also. thanks,
How old are you?
Under 13
19 +
What type of shoes were stolen from you?
Nike running shoes
Asics running shoes
Under armour running shoes
Who took them from you?
A Guy
A Girl
Someone you didnt know
How were your shoes stolen?
In school
In gym class / locker room
From home
You handed them over
They took them off your feet
You were attacked
you were tied up
you were hogtied
you were being held down
you were asleep
you were drunk
It was part of a prank
You left them unattended
You were being bullied
If other, Please explain
Did you ever get your shoe/shoes back?
Yes :)
No :(
Do you know what they did with your shoes after they took them?
If yes, please explain
When your shoes were stolen,
They took both my shoes
They took my left shoe
They took my Right shoe
What was your reaction when your shoes were stolen?
I cried
I felt angry
I felt embarrassed
I laughed
I felt excited
I didnt mind
If other, Please explain
Did you like getting your shoes stolen?
NO >.<
If yes, why?
Do you know other girls who have had their shoes stolen?
If your last answer was yes, how were her shoes stolen? and what type of shoes were stolen from her? (Brand/model of shoe if known) and did she ever get them back?
Would you ever steal another girls shoes? (You wont get in trouble for saying yes, its just a question to know how many girls would actually do it)
If you would ever steal a girls shoes, what type of shoes would you take from her?
Her Nike running shoes: Why?
Her Asics running shoes: Why?
Her Under Armour running shoes: Why?
Her Converse: Why?
Her Adidas: Why?
Her vans: Why?
Her Boots: Why?
Her Flats: Why?
If other, Please explain
IF you would ever steal a girls shoes, what would you do with them? (Some of the things shown below are some things people have admitted doing to someones stolen shoes in the past. For some of the responses, please tell us why you would use that method.) Choose as many as you want.
Wear them
Sell them
Try them on, and if they fit, take them.
Take only one of her shoes: LEFT or RIGHT? Why?
Give them away: Why?
Throw them away in the trash: Why?
Throw them up a tree or powerlines: Why?
Trash her shoes and return them: How? and Why?
Burn her shoes: Why?
Burry her Shoes: Why?
Keep them, but not use them: Why?
Throw them somewhere, where other people can take them: why?
Throw them somewhere other than the trash where they will never be found: Why?
If other, Please specify or explain what you would do:
What method would you use to steal her shoes?
Take them off her feet
Demand for her to hand them over
Take them from her bag
Take them from her locker
Hold her down and take them
Get her drunk and take them
tie her up and take them
Other: Please Explain
Have you ever done any of these things before?
You Have Reached the end of our survey, thank you for participating :) Please get other girls to take this survey for us to gather enough data. Did you enjoy this survey?
Yes :)
No :(
NO, because i've been a victim of shoe stealing :(
Other reasons: Please explain
IF you choose to, you may share you experience with us. or someone elses experience with stolen shoes.
This poll was created on 2013-11-14 23:59:33 by tecddgerts