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Stronger younger sister

This is a seperate Poll for this guy´s and girl´s out there, which have a stronger (maybe taller too) younger female sister. And this is a Poll for all of these YOUNGER, STRONGER SISTERS out there, which are stronger then here siblings.
Have you a younger, stronger sister?
Yes (i am the older brother)
Yes (i am the older sister)
No. (i am the stronger younger sister and have a older brother)
No( i am the stonger younger sister and have a older sister)
How old are the younger sibling?
Younger then 8
8 Years old
Cute 9 Years old
Sweet 10 years old
11 years old
Beautiful 12 years ;)
Cursed 13 Years old :D
14 years old
Older then 14 years .... (if u mark this can u pls write the age on my board?)
How old is the older sibling?
Younger then 10
11 years
12 years old
Wild 13 years old
Magic 14 years
15 years old
16 years old
17 years old
Older then 17
Why is she/u stronger?
Because she/i does sport.
Because she/i have the better gene.
She/i are simply stronger
He/she (older sibling) are just VERY weak
Because she/i does a figthsport like karate etc
Because she/i i train her/my muscle (biceps curl, situps, etc)
Where can she/you defeat the older sibling/you?
Normal Wresling
Lifting weigths
Wresling agains other
Bending/destruct somthing with barehands (no steel :D or maybe yes? o.0)
How is her body?
Looks very Skinny, but she/i are real strong
Average Girl
Little bit muscular (u can only see if she/i flex)
She/i looks like She Hulk ...... without the green color ;)
Incredible strong. She/i looks like a female Hercules
Not from this world..... she/i looks like the daughter between She Hulk and Hercules trained from Arnold Schwarzenegger.
Since when she/u train her/u muscle.
She/i was 4
She/i was 5
She/i was 6
She/i was 7
She/i was 8
She/i was 9
She/i was 10
Since a few weeks,but with enormous results
Since a few years
She/i didn´t train her/my muscle, she/i are simbly stronger
Is she/u taller too or just stronger?
A small question .... how do you like the quiz for so ... until now.
Back to the Poll .... :D how much taller is she/u (both barefoot)?
1 - 5 inch
6- 11 inch
1ft -1 ft 5
1 ft 6 - 2 ft
She/i are a Amazon compareto him/her ........ over 2 ft taller
How often wresle u each other?
One time at month
Each weekend
One.. two ...time at week
More then one time daily
How often she/u win?
Sometimes the one somtimes the other
Mostly she/i
What does she/u after won?
Put feet on the looser´s face
Sit on the looser
Victory Pose
She/i make that she/him/u worship her/u feet/muscle
She/i tranform the looser in her/my slave
So now the last question. Is she/u still growing? (muscle and heigth)
Oh yes i hope i growth much more and i wanne become even stronger
Yes she is still growing. And getting even stronger. Unfortunately
Thanks god she is outgrown.... but shes getting even stronger -_-
Oh i hope she growth more i like seeing her growth.
I think she would never stop growing and became even stronger..... I should start call her Amazon ......
This poll was created on 2013-11-07 19:43:52 by Jorom