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Censorship Insanity!

This is a follow up to my poll 'Should my polls be public material.' In my first 'Equality in Execution' poll I ask men, women and children questions about real life executions and this poll is deemed suitable for children. My follow up Execution poll about FICTIONAL films was NOT APPROVED by misterpoll. I want people opinions on censorship.
Everyone. DO YOU think my Fictional Execution poll should have been allowed into the public directories by misterpoll.?
Yes of course it should be in the directories.
No Misterpoll were right not to approve it. The poll is inappropriate for kids.
Everyone. DO YOU think my Inequality in Execution (Historical) poll should have been allowed into the public directories by misterpoll.?
Yes Misterpoll were right to put it in the directories, of course it should be in.
No The subject is inappropriate for kids.
Why should a historical real life poll be considered child friendly and a poll on Fictional movies with (almost) the same questions be considered ADULT Material.
It is OK to get everyone's opinions on a real life debate.
That is absolutely ridiculous! Historical/Real life polls have disturbing questions/issues. A poll about the same subject in fictional film IS Family entertainment.
Many films are given 18 ratings due to sexual content. Regardless of the medium do you think any sexual content should require an 18 rating?
Yes. Under 18s should never be exposed to sexually explicit material.
No it shouldn't. Unless it is EXCEPTIONALLY graphic!
Which do you think is more likely to get something an 18 (adult) rating.
Sexual content.
I have no idea why some films can get a U or PG rating even though they are full of nudity and death and disturbing scenes when other much lighter hearted films get 15 and 18 ratings slapped on them. Have you ever thought "How the hell did they get that into a family film?" or "..er.. why is this film rated 18?"
Yes! Very often. Half the time film censors haven't got a clue what they are doing!
No. I think all the films I have watched have been correctly rated.
Some of my very explicit polls HAVE been approved by misterpoll. Do you think that misterpoll should inform me WHY they keep rejecting my polls because I HAVE ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA WHATSOEVER why some of them have not been approved or what I need to change to get a poll into the directories.
Yes they should. It is not fair telling you you can resubmit a poll AFTER you have 'readdressed problems' but NOT tell you what it is that you actually NEED to change to get it approved. You could be resubmitting the same poll forever.
No! They don't have to tell you anything, this is misterpolls site, they can do whatever they want and approve whatever they like.
This poll was created on 2013-10-04 04:50:58 by Dazo