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Do children in wheelchair need shoes?

Do disabled children in wheelchairs realy need shoes and/or socks or can they live barefoot?

Do you have a disabled child in a wheelchair

100% (17) Yes
0% (0) No (leave here!)

17 voters have answered this question.

Which footwear does your child wear at home, in school or other relatives houses?

70% (12) Bare feet
29% (5) Socks
17% (3) Braces only (shoes and socks came of)
5% (1) Socks and any typ of braces
11% (2) Shoes and socks with or without braves
5% (1) Slippers with any combination

17 voters have answered this question.

In many countries children in wheelchairs dont wear footwear the whole year. Wath do you think about?

0% (0) This children have to wear shoes any time!
23% (4) Bare feet are a must in school, at home and Temples, mosques etc.
29% (5) Bare feet only at warm places
23% (4) Bare feet only as punishment
41% (7) They should be barefoot allways and evreywhere even in snow. They dont walk an have weight on their feet, so it doesent matter.

17 voters have answered this question.

Pleas shear the barefoot rules of your child. Thany you

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17 voters have answered this question.

This poll was created on 2013-09-15 14:59:00 by sak1991
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