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If I Became your Slave...

For this poll, pretend that you live and work on a rural area, doing farmwork-type things. One day, there's a knock at the door. When you open it, you find a man holding me by the shoulder (For this poll, I'm a 24-year old male, about 5'11", with a skinny but slightly muscular build.). He says that I did something illegal to your farm, and as punishment, have to work as your slave for 5 weeks. What will you do to me as your new slave? (Poll 1 of the "What would you do to me?" Group)
What sex are you?
What is your age?
For the first order of business, I need to know where I will stay while I work for you. (None of these count for when I'm working)
I will stay inside the house, allowed to go anywhere I wish
I will stay inside the house, but must stay in the basement
I will stay in the stables with the animals
I will have to stay outside
I will have to stay outside, and have a limited area where I can go
Okay, while I am working, what clothes must I wear?
Dirty button-down shirt-- Dirty, Baggy jeans-- Work boots
Dirty button-down work shirt-- Overalls-- Work boots
Old T-shirt-- Dirty, baggy jeans-- Work boots
Old T-shirt-- Overalls-- Work boots
Dirty button-down shirt-- Dirty, baggy jeans-- Sandals
Dirty button-down shirt-- Overalls-- Sandals
Old T-shirt-- Dirt, Baggy Jeans-- Sandals
Old T-shirt-- Overalls-- Sandals
Dirty button-down shirt-- Dirty, Baggy jeans-- Thin flip-flops
Dirty button-down shirt-- Overalls-- Thin flip-flops
Old T-shirt-- Dirty, baggy jeans-- Thin flip-flops
Old T-shirt-- Overalls-- Thin flip-flops
Dirty button-down shirt-- Dirty, baggy jeans-- Bare feet
Dirty button-down shirt-- Overalls-- Bare feet
Old T-shirt-- Dirt, Baggy jeans-- Bare feet
Old T-shirt-- Overalls-- Bare feet
Shirtless-- Dirty, Baggy jeans-- Sandals
Shirtless-- Overalls-- Sandals
Shirtless-- Dirty, Baggy Jeans-- Thin flip-flops
Shirtless-- Overalls-- Thin flip-flops
Shirtless-- dirty, baggy jeans-- Bare feet
Shirtless-- Overalls-- Bare feet
What you're wearing when you're brought to me (T-shirt, Jeans, flip-flops)
Can I have socks?
Where can I sleep?
In the living room, on an air mattress
In the kitchen, on a sleeping bag
In the stables, on a mattress
In the stables, on hay
In the stables, on the floor
Outside on the porch with a sleeping bag
Outside in the grass
Outside on bare earth
At what time do I have to get to bed?
As soon as I finish working
How many meals do I get a day?
How good are my meals?
What you cook in the house
Whatever I can cook up myself
Stuff that was less-than-moderately well made
Bad cooking
Whatever I can scrape together of your scraps
Whatever's left from the animals
If I'm working in the animal stables or on hard/rough ground, am I allowed certain footwear? (Because working in the stables without shoes would be horrid nor me)
No, you keep what you have
You can have flip-flops
You can have sandals
You can have boots
While working with plants with thorns or with brambles and the sort, am I allowed to have gloves?
No, keep what you have
How often can I bathe?
Twice per Day
Once per day
Twice per Week
Once per week
Once every 2 weeks
Once as long as I'm your slave
Never. Period.
How/where can I bathe?
In the house, using the tub
Out in the stables with a tub of water and a brush
Out in the stables with a wet towel
Outside in the open with a tub of water and a brush
Outside with the hose
You can never bathe
Can I ever have free time? (If so, how much? (Per day))
No, your always working, sleeping or eating
5 Minutes
15 Minutes
Half an hour
1 Hour
2 Hours
3 Hours
4 Hours a week
5 Hours a week
Whenever you get all the work done before you sleep
When I'm out doing errands for you in the town, how would I get there?
You can take the car
You have to walk
When I'm out in the city doing errands, how do I have to dress? (Just tick what I have to) This means that there will likely be people I know there.
Dirt Button-down shirt
Old T-shirt
Normal T-shirt
Dirty, baggy jeans
Gym shoes
Thin flip-flops
Bare feet
Would you ever work beside me?
Nope, never
Only if a task required multiple people
Only if a task was especially difficult
Rarely, but on occasion
Every now and again I would
I would do it a lot
What are my punishments for disobeying?
What kinds of things would you have me do just because you could make me?
Anything you want to add?
This poll was created on 2013-09-12 21:26:09 by the unknown