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My Little Pony villains

A poll about the five main villains of My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic
Who is your favorite main villain?
Nightmare Moon
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra
Sunset Shimmer
Whose defeat scene was your most favorite?
Nightmare Moon
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra
Sunset Shimmer
Who is more powerful?
Nightmare Moon
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra
Sunset Shimmer (in demon form)
How do you look at Nightmare Moon?
Luna corrupted by jealousy
Luna's jealousy manifested into an entity of its own to demonically possess her
What do you think is the fate of Queen Chrysalis?
Fell to her death
Survived her fall but is living in exile
Survived her fall and will return in Season 4
Comics are canon
Blasted into space
How do you feel about King Sombra's death?
Satisfied - the scene was spectacular and G4 needed atleast one official villain death to measure up to G1
Disappointed - Now we know Sombra can't return
Do you think King Sombra was lame or pathetic?
Yes, he hardly has any screentime, lines, or personality at all, he doesn't do anything, and he is killed by a BABY DRAGON!
No. He's a pony Sauron, he's the darkest and most menacing villain in the show, his lack of dialog makes him more mysterious, he tries to kill Spike, and it took an alicorn and an entire empire wielding a magical relic to destroy him, Spike just made that possible, besides, Sauron was killed by Gollum.
Were you disappointed with Discord turning good?
Yes. He's the most iconic villain and was one of the two best villans, and now that he's good that loses all its power and takes away from the villain I knew and loved
No. He's a fun guy to have around, you almost want him to turn good, it beats killing him off like Sombra, and I am looking forward to seeing more of him in Season 4.
How do you look at Sunset Shimmer's demon form?
Sunset Shimmer becoming pure evil due to her cruelty being magnified by the crown
Her evil side, "inner demon", being drawn out and manifested into a form of its own to possess her, kinda like how Nightmare Moon is Luna's jealousy
Her evil side, "inner demon", being drawn out as a sort of symbiote, like in Spiderman
Alicorn transformation gone wrong due to her not being worthy of possessing the crown
What do you think is the cause of Sunset Shimmer's redemption?
Her evil side being vaporized by the Elements of Harmony, kinda like Luna/Nightmare Moon
Sunset Shimmer horrified at what she became during her demon transformation
One is dead, one is redeemed, and one's fate is up for debate. But if it were up to you, between Discord, Chrysalis, and Sombra, if you had to choose one to turn good (and the other two to be killed off), who would it be?
Queen Chrysalis
King Sombra
Season 4 will most likely be last season, and will probably end with a two-parter featuring the "BigBad" the creators hinted at behind Discord and Nightmare Moon. Do you think this will be the G4 incarnation of Tirek?
Yes, they're running out of ideas for villains and Tirek is the only way they can top Chrysalis or Sombra, besides it'll be a great "Hijacked by Ganon"
No, it'll be an original villain
I don't think there is any BigBad, the "outside force" behind Nightmare Moon could just be something like King Sombra with one of his curses
I don't think it'll end at Season 4, might go as far as Season 6
This poll was created on 2013-09-05 17:59:11 by Ghostkaiba297