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Castle Bleck! part 1

Your taking a holiday in Castle Bleck! What type of stuff do you do there?
You arrive at Castle Bleck! When you first see the Castle, how do you feel?
Soooo excited!
Slighty scared
You knock on the big, black front door, a green shape shifter opens it, and smiles when she sees you. "Welcome to Castle Bleck!" She says. "Come on in!" You enter the castle. The castle is very big and very black. What is the first thing you do?
Find and annoy Mr. L
Explore the Castle
Talk to the shape shifter
Before you could do anything, you see a lady with pink hair approach you. "Um, Hello, welcome to Castle bleck! Yeah, so my name is Nastasia and I will be taking you to your room, k?" So, you follow Nastasia. A minute later you see your room, it's black, like all the other rooms in the castle, so you decided to paint it, what colour do you paint it?
I'll keep it black
You finished painting your room, so you decide to meet your neighbors, you knock on one of the neighbors doors. "Come in, unless your Mr. L" A voice says. You enter the room. You then see a Purple and Yellow Jester looking at you. "Ahahahaha, you must be the person taking a holiday here! How very delightful! My name is Dimentio, and your name is.....?"
You tell him your name
You don't tell him your name. ( He looks suspicious )
"Well, it's very nice to meet you." Your about to leave, but he stops you. "Before you go, take this." He gives you a pink book. "Ciao" Before you could ask him anything, he teleports away. You look at the pink book, suspiciously. You knew there was somthing wierd about it. Then out of nowhere, you hear a voice. "MY DIARY!!! GIVE IT BACK YOU TROLL!!" You turn around to see the shape shifter from earlier, looking very mad indeed.
"Your diary? I don't have it!!"
"Diary!? What Diary?!"
The shape shifter looks even more mad. " DON'T GIVE ME EXCUSES! YOUR HOLDING IT! GIVE IT BACK!!! You look at the pink book, you then realise it has 'Mimi's diary' written on it. "Sorry, Mimi but I wasn't STEALING your diary, that jester gave to me!" "...I SHOULD OF KNOWN!!" She then ran out of the room, screaming her head off. You then decide to explore the castle a bit more, so you go to the....
Meeting room
Living room
This is the end of Castle Bleck! part 1. Would you like me to make a part 2?
Don't know
This poll was created on 2013-08-26 15:25:05 by papermariofan