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Nintendo Gaming Consoles

Favorite console, your idea for the next console's name, and the reason why you don't own a Wii U (unless you do).
What's your favorite Nintendo Home Console
Nintendo 64
Wii U
What's your favorite Nintendo Handheld Console
Game & Watch
Game Boy
Game Boy Color
Game Boy Advance
Game Boy Advance SP
Nintendo DS
Nintendo DS Lite
Nintendo DSi
Nintendo DSi XL
Nintendo 3DS
Nintendo 3DS XL
What should the name of the next Nintendo home console be?
What should the name of the next Nintendo handheld console be?
REQUIRED Do you currently own a Nintendo Wii U? If no, why not?
No, but I'm planning on buying one soon.
No, because I don't have enough money to buy one.
No, because there are not enough exclusive games to make a purchase worthwhile.
No, because I want my console in a different color than black or white.
No, because I do not like Nintendo.
No, because I don't like the gamepad, and I'm hoping for a hardware bundle without it.
No, because I'm going to buy PS4/XBox One, so I won't need one.
No, because I'm a casual player, and I will stick with my wii.
No, because my parents won't allow me to buy one.
No, because it is currently overpriced in my local game store.
No, because I'm waiting for a specific hardware bundle.
No, because I hate on Nintendo for no reason.
No, because I don't understand the appeal of the gamepad.
No, but the reason why I haven't bought one (yet) is not listed here.
REQUIRED Do you know of any reason not mentioned before why anyone wouldn't buy a Wii U? If not, write: ''I don't''.
This poll was created on 2013-08-25 19:35:28 by Drake53