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How often do you poop or pee your pants

How often do you pee your pants?
Once a day
4 or more times a day
Not very often/ never
2-3 times a day
Once a week
How often do you poop your pants?
Not very often/never
2-3 times a week
Once a week
4 or more times a week
How much do you pee your pants if you do? If you don't then select never.
I have a little wet patch on my underwear
I don't pee my pants
I soak my underwear but not noticeable on my pants
My pants a very wet
I let out all my pee and they are completely soaked
I never pee my pants
How much do you poop your pants when you do?
Never poop my pants
My pants are filled as much as they can be
My pants are close to full
I poop a couple of pieces
I poop very little
Reasons why you pee, poop, or do both in your pants/diaper.
For fun
Diaper punishment
I love to feel like and be a baby
I don't pee or poop my pants/diaper.
Medical reasons
If you wore diapers or you do who would or does change you?
My friends
My girlfriend/Boyfriend
Ewwwww I would never wear diapers
Mom or Dad
Now for some non-pooping or peeing topics. How old are you?
12 or under
51 or older
Favorite color
Enter yours
Here are is a scenario. You are walking home with you friends and you desperately need to pee. There are no bathrooms around so you will have to think of another way. What would you do?
I would squirt a little of pee into my pants to make it not noticeable
I would pee all my pee in my pants and hide it with my jacket
I would hold it and hope we get to a bathroom soon
I would go and pee on a persons lawn
I would just relax and pee all of my pee out into my pants and say it was an accident
Another scenario. So you are at a restaurant and you start to feel the need to pee. Your food just came and you don't to be rude to your friend( who is paying) and just go to the bathroom. So you eat the meal and then go to the bathroom. The line is very long and you know you won't be able to make it in time. What would you do?
I would completely fill my pants with poop and run out of the store and go home without your friend.
I would just squat down and poop in a corner
I would poop some out in my pants and then wait and go to then bathroom
I would fill my pants and go back to my friend and say I didn't make it in time
This is the end of the quiz. So what did you think
Completely awful
Give me some suggestions (optional)
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This poll was created on 2013-08-21 22:09:25 by Awesome19