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Females who have been strip searched

Based on the expiriance and the response i got on my first stripsearch poll, I have now created a new and improved version which is going to replace the first one. Here I want to relate my gratitude to all who shared their uncomfortable expiriances and with it helped to create this new poll. All of the questions are optional, and you can select as many of the choices as you need unless otherwise indicated. Try to find the closest option if none fits what happened to you exactly or simply describe it at the end of the poll. This poll is for ( FEMALES ONLY ! )

- How many times you have been strip searched so far ?

39% (88) Only once
10% (24) Twice so far
9% (21) Three times
10% (23) Between three and five times
5% (12) Over six times
7% (16) Probably about ten times or more
17% (38) I cant tell for sure, but seems like many times

222 voters have answered this question.

- If you have been strip searched ONLY ONCE, when was it and how old were you at the time ?

11% (14) My strip search happened in the past seven days
4% (5) In the past 30 days
10% (13) In the last two months
8% (10) Between two and six months ago
9% (12) Between six months and one year ago
9% (12) Over one year ago
15% (19) Over two years ago
16% (20) Over five years ago
3% (4) long time ago ( like 20 years )
20% (25) I was less then 15 years old at the time
22% (27) Between 15 and 17
18% (23) between 18 and 21
6% (8) Between 22 and 25
6% (8) Between 26 and 30
3% (4) Between 31 and 35
2% (3) Over 35
0% (0) In my late forties
0% (1) Over 50 years old

122 voters have answered this question.

- If you were strip searched TWICE or MORE times, can you tell us when was the first and when was the last time ?

4% (7) My first stripsearch was in the past 30 days
1% (2) My first stripsearch was in the past two months
2% (4) between two and six months ago
4% (6) Over six months ago
27% (39) Over 1 year ago
24% (34) Over five years ago
3% (5) Long time ago ( 20 years or more )
15% (22) My LAST stripsearch was in the past seven days
14% (21) My LAST stripsearch was in the past 30 days
6% (9) In the past two months
6% (9) Between two and six months ago
3% (5) Over six months ago
3% (5) Over 1 year ago
7% (10) Over 5 years ago
1% (2) Long time ago ( 20 years or longer )
35% (50) i was less then 15 when I was stripsearched the FIRST time
22% (32) Between 15 and 18
9% (14) Between 19 and 24
6% (9) between 25 and 30
0% (1) Between 31 and 35
2% (4) Over 35
0% (0) late forties or older
12% (18) I was less then 15 at my LAST stripsearch
15% (22) I was between 15 and 18 at my last stripsearch
9% (13) Between 19 and 24
9% (14) Between 25 and 30
1% (2) Between 31 and 35
1% (2) Over 35
1% (2) My late forties or older

141 voters have answered this question.

Where are you from ?_____

No graph available for this question

138 voters have answered this question.

- For those who have been strip searched ONLY ONCE. Under what surcamstancies did it take place ?

21% (24) I was stripsearched after i was arrested
20% (23) I was detained by security guards then stripsearched ( the police was never involved so i was not arrested )
4% (5) I was detained by security guards ( though the police was involved at some point, it never really came to an arrest )
27% (30) I happened to be singled out for what they described as a routine security check ( with a stripsearch ), while passing thru an airport or border crossing ( or simular )
1% (2) i underwent a stripsearch after i was convicted and had to serve time in prison ( or simular )
25% (28) I was stripsearched at school ( or other educational insitution )
6% (7) The only stripsearch i endured was at home
9% (10) I was stripsearched but none of the above options apply to my case, Please describe your situation

111 voters have answered this question.

- For those who have been stripsearched TWICE or MORE times:

16% (21) I was arrested / detained just once, but they stripsearched me twice or more times during my time in castody
16% (20) I was arrested several times and was stripsearched on most of this occasions
25% (32) I have never actually been arrested but I was detained by security guards twice or more times, and was searched on all or most of this ocasions
35% (44) I have seen it all, stripsearch in police stations, detention by security guards, stripped at school in the principles office, the list goes on
33% (42) I have been singled out for routine search at an airport or border crossing, twice or more times and searched on most of those occasions
41% (52) i have been strip searched twice or more times in other situations

124 voters have answered this question.

- What was the specific ( direct ) reason, for you to undergo a stripsearch ? If you have been searched more then once, please select as many options as you need

23% (48) i was accused of shoplifting
6% (14) I was accused of theft or burglary
20% (43) I was accused to have stolen something from another student or from the school
28% (59) I was suspected of having drugs on my person, or to be somehow involved with drugs
7% (16) I was suspected to have weapons or other dangerous items hidden on my person
11% (24) I was suspected to be a prostitute, and it was automatically assumed I have drugs on me ( or simular )
18% (39) I had to be stripsearched on the airport after they identified something unussual in my belongings or on my person
30% (64) i was stripsearched at the airport, but nobody really explained why, I guess it was a random check
22% (47) I was in a police station ( arrested for whatever other offence not already listed ) the stripsearch was a standard procedure
12% (26) Other reason not related to any of the options ( please explain bellow )
12% (26) I am not sure about the reason, it was never explained to me, and i didnt dare ask to much in fear of making my situation worse
9% (20) I am not sure about the reason, it was never really explained to me despite my insistance

208 voters have answered this question.

- Where did the stripsearch(s) take place, in your own country or abroad ?

75% (157) In my own country
20% (43) In a foreign country ( I was there as a tourist )
12% (25) In a foreign country ( I was there as an exchange student or for other educational perposes )
6% (13) In a foreign country ( I was there for work )
4% (10) In a foreign country ( i was there on a buisniss trip )
4% (10) in a foreign country ( I was just passing thru )
2% (6) In a foreign country ( my stay there was for other reasons )
5% (11) i arrived and stayed abroad completely legaly
0% (1) I was there semi legaly ( or simular )
9% (20) Please write in the name of the foreign country(s) where you have been strip searched

208 voters have answered this question.

- If you were strip searched abroad, did it make you nervous more then if you were back home, and do you think it was any worse then what you were going to expiriance back in your country ?

9% (9) No, not much worried, i was confident the authorities in this country must follow strict procedures, and that is how more or less happened
7% (7) I was confident, they have to follow strict regulations, though that is what generally happened, they appeared more unpleasnt ( or harsher ) then what I expected ( next time I wont be so confident )
19% (19) I was a little worried beacouse I knew little about their regulations, and what they can do with me, but nothing overly unpleasnt took place
12% (12) Yes I was seriosly worried, the country where I was detained has the reputation of harshness, however they were more or less professional
20% (20) Yes I was very nervous and worried, rightfully so since the stripsearch was as bad as I expected
33% (32) Yes I was worried to be detained and about to be stripsearched in a foreign country, but what happened was much worse then what I expected
15% (15) In my expiriance, the searches i have undergone abroad were generally worse
2% (2) In my openion, the searches I have undergone in my own country were worse then what I have expirianced abroad
21% (21) I have undergone strip searches both at home and abroad, and in my expiriance they are all equally unpleasent

96 voters have answered this question.

- Where did the search take place ? ( the specific location )

7% (16) At home
2% (5) The home of a close relative
17% (36) In an unused classroom at school
21% (45) In the principles office at school
22% (46) Security office in a store
8% (17) Security office in a night club
30% (64) Security office on an airport / border crossing
20% (42) Other place on an airport / border crossing
3% (8) Security office or another place where i worked
13% (29) Dedicated room in a police station
12% (27) Interrogation room in a police station
16% (35) Jail cell ( in a police station, not in prison )
9% (19) Other place in a police station
8% (17) Office of a prison Doctor
6% (13) Other place in prison
8% (18) Mental or rehabilitation institution
8% (17) Other place, not related to any of the options
5% (12) In my openion the room had adequate privacy
5% (11) It had enough privacy but it could have been better
20% (43) Poor privacy
26% (55) Almost non existant

208 voters have answered this question.

- What were your reactions when you were told you are going to be stripsearched, and while you waited for it to start ?

13% (27) Slightly surprised and embarresed, but generally it wasnt a big deal for me
7% (16) Annoyed, but i wasnt going to make much fuss out of it
13% (28) Very annoyed or angry
13% (28) Annoyed or angry, not so much for having to take my clothes off, but beacouse I have to do it while accused of something I havent done ( or simular )
9% (20) My first reaction was to show them that i know my rights, and i tried to argue my way out of it in a calm cevilized way
5% (11) Under the surcamstancies i told them i am going to cooperate, but also I made them fully aware that i know my rights and i know what they are doing is not entirely justified or lawful
51% (105) I became very embarresed, nervous and confused
24% (51) I began to cry or plead
19% (40) I started sweating even though it wasnt hot
17% (35) I began to tramble
5% (12) Becoming hysterical is a good description
17% (36) I wished I could die right there and then
9% (19) I was to stunned to have any real reaction, I just cooperated automatically, the emotions came later
2% (6) My mind was so preocupied with the fact I am now an accused offender, that I had little time to be scared or embarresed by the need to take my clothes off
17% (35) i became fearful
10% (22) I had to supress my instinct to ran away, knowing there is nowhere to run ( or simular )
19% (40) i thought this must be a nightmare
12% (26) I thought I was going to faint
3% (7) I was never in such a situation before, and yet i was surprised to how calm and unembarresed I am
3% (8) I was surprised how much I am bothered with what is about to happen. I have been topless or nude in public few times and never had problem with it
25% (52) i became aroused
1% (3) I wasnt as much worried about myself, as I was for someone else who was also there to be stripsearched

205 voters have answered this question.

- Did you try to ressist the stripsearch in one form or another ?

15% (31) No, not really, i have little problem of being naked in front of others, and besides there was no way to avoid it
40% (81) i was very humiliated but i saw no point in ressisting, so I didnt
14% (29) I knew I was innocent, so I feared if I argue or create problems they are going to charge me with something, and then everything is going to be worse. So I swallowed my humiliation and cooperated
4% (10) No I didnt ressist, infact i was almost glad they suggested it since the search was the only way to avoid prosecution for something i didnt do
2% (5) It was me who suggested the strip search, since that was the only way to convince them i have nothing hidden
14% (30) Ressisting ? no way ! I was so terrified and desmayed by what is happening to me, such a thing never even occured to me
11% (24) I was slow, confused and clumsy as a result of my great embaressmant, I wasnt actively trying to ressist or to make things worse then they were
7% (16) I think I cooperated reasonably well, but for some reason they kept saying i am not cooperating, or they acted as if I am not
4% (9) Not much, I showed my annoyance, but i cooperated, I just wanted to get it over with
9% (19) I kind of whined or complained, but eventually I was naked
1% (4) Normally I was going to argue with them, but i was abroad, and didnt want to test my luck or their limits. So aside of some grumbling I mostly cooperated
11% (24) No I didnt, i was aroused or somehow excited by what is happening to me
0% (2) i shouted and argued, but eventually cooperated, when I saw no other way
5% (11) I argued until they became agressive ( in whatever way ), after then i cooperated
4% (10) i argued very heatedly or ressisted physicly, they had to restrain me for a while to cool down before the search proceeded
7% (16) They practicly had to overpower me physicly and rip my clothes off
2% (5) They were lucky I was restrained, otherwise there were going to get their noses bloodied
11% (23) i was stripsearched twice or more times during one single time in castody. The first time I was reasonably cooperative, but when they wanted me to go thru the same humiliation again, I started to argue and ressist

202 voters have answered this question.

- If you ressisted the stripsearch, was any of the following your primary reason ? ( please select only the top 3, in case most of the listed option apply to your case )

9% (8) I know my rights, and I knew for a fact a strip / cavity search is not necessery in the given situation
23% (19) I was wrongly accused and knew it for a fact, i wasnt going to allow such humiliation for no reason at all
8% (7) i indeed commited an offence, but it was not of the kind where a stripsearch is justified ( example, a trafic violation )
13% (11) I could not allow to be touched and searched by a male
16% (13) Though i was going to be searched by a female, there were still to many men in the room , I couldnt tolerate that
8% (7) I didnt want to be touched by another female, if I was going to go thru this it was better to be searched by a male
6% (5) I ressisted mostly beacouse there were other suspects in the room ( all females )
6% (5) I ressisted beacouse they were going to stripsearch males and females in the same time
41% (34) I ressisted when I realized they want me fully naked, previosly i assumed i am going to strip down to my underwear
13% (11) I could tolerate simply taking my clothes off, but when they suggested cavity search.... now that was a BIG problem for me, so i argued
11% (9) I ressisted beacouse I was already angry or irritated by things that happened before ( during the arrest or processing )
30% (25) The room where I was going to be stripsearched had poor or no privacy, I couldnt tolerate this
4% (4) I wasnt the one to ressist, my mother ( or other close female relative ) was doing so for both of us
9% (8) I didnt ressist my stripsearch so much as their intention to strip / cavity search my underage doughter
9% (8) i just felth like ressisting and making it difficult for them
9% (8) My reason to argue was that nobody explained properly, why I am detained and why I have to take my clothes off in front of strangers ( or simular )
7% (6) I am not sure, my instinct told me something is wrong here, and i shouldnt submit to any procedures so easily

81 voters have answered this question.

- How were you dressed at the time when you were going to be strip searched ? ( select any of the items you had on )

36% (75) T shirt
9% (19) Long sleeves shirt
2% (6) Other type of shirt
15% (32) Tank top
32% (67) Blouse
19% (41) Jacket
6% (14) Buisniss / office attire
18% (38) School uniform
24% (50) Mini skirt
21% (45) knee lenght skirt
6% (14) Longer dress
4% (9) Other kind of dress or skirt
9% (19) Pants
30% (62) Jeans
12% (25) Shorts
2% (6) Fetish or more unussual clothes
8% (18) Prison uniform
43% (90) Standard bra and panties
12% (26) Just panties no bra
10% (22) More laxurios lingerie
9% (19) Bikini

206 voters have answered this question.

- How far did you have to strip ?

1% (3) I had to take my shirt, shoes and socks off ( my bra and pants / skirt remained on )
2% (5) Topless ( pants / skirt still on )
1% (3) Down to a t shirt / tank top and panties ( I wore no bra which is why they allowed me to keep the shirt )
0% (2) Down to my tank top and panties ( previosly I had something else over the tank top )
2% (5) Down to my underwear
5% (12) Just my panties were left on
87% (182) Fully naked
2% (5) Other ( please describe )
31% (66) I took each item of clothing off, after I was instructed to do so
17% (36) I was simply told to get undressed, no specific order
6% (14) I hasetated at times, not so much out of embaressmant as of not knowing how fat I have to strip
17% (36) I hesetated now and then beacouse of my embaresmant, and they had to urge me to go on
2% (6) i assumed I had to strip fully naked and proceeded to remove my underwear when the person in charge told me " Thats enough " ( or simular )
40% (84) I gave each item of clothing to the person in charge so he / she can check them out
6% (14) I wasnt required to give my clothes to anyone, i simply dropped them in a pile beside me
13% (27) I had to fold them on a table beside me

207 voters have answered this question.

- Select any of the following options applying to your case :

27% (42) I was handcuffed right to the moment ( or few minutes before ) I had to start taking my clothes off
10% (16) I was brought in the room handcuffed, they released my hands but i had to wait for at least 15 to 20 minutes before an authorized person arrived to do the stripsearch ( or simular )
13% (21) I was brought in the room handcuffed, and had to remain as such, until they were finished with others who were also there to be searched
8% (13) They released the handcuffs i was brought in with, but I was immidiately put in some other type of restrainmant in which I remained while waiting ( or simular )
43% (67) I was handcuffed ( otherwise restrained ) BEFORE being allowed to put any of my clothes back on ( fully naked )
3% (5) I was handcuffed after i was allowed to put just my panties on
3% (5) I was handcuffed after I was only allowed to put my underwear on
5% (9) I was still topless when I was handcuffed
22% (35) I was placed in leg irons while I was still fully naked
3% (5) I was placed in leg irons while I was in my underwear
2% (4) I was still not fully / properly dressed in some other way, before I was handcuffed
22% (35) I was handcuffed ( or otherwise restrained ) to an object, at some point during the stripsearch ( object such as, chair, door or window frame, pipe, ring in the wall bars etc. )
7% (12) I was immidiately handcuffed after I put my clothes back on
20% (31) The reason why I was handcuffed before I could fully dress was never explained to me, I was to afraid to ask
11% (18) The reason was not explained to me despite my insistance
3% (5) The reason was explained but I do not agree with it or I dont think it justified their actions
5% (8) It didnt make it any better but I accepted their explonation seeng that further argument is futile
24% (37) I have been stripsearched more then once, and almost every time i was restrained before i could dress, for one reason or another
4% (7) I was searched several times so far, but such a thing only happened to me once or twice
41% (64) I strongly suspect they wanted to intimidate and humiliate me ( it defenatelly worked )
6% (10) I strongly suspect they wanted to intimidate and humiliate me ( they failed )
27% (43) I got the impression, the whole handcuffs and restrainmant stuff was mostly for their own amusemant
7% (12) Please select this if they only used plastic zip ties instead of standard handcuffs, during the stripsearch
4% (7) They used leather belts ( no handcuffs of any sort
4% (7) They used some other type of restrain, you can explain if you wish
38% (60) I was handcuffed behind back ( regardless what type of restrained )
5% (9) I was handcuffed in front

154 voters have answered this question.

- If you were restrained to an object :

14% (16) Sitting on a chair, my hands cuffed behind the backrest of the chair
10% (12) I was sitting on a chair, my hands handcuffed behind my back
4% (5) On a chair, my arms secured to the armrests
4% (5) On a chair, I was tied to it by leather belts
6% (7) Inverted sitting on a chair, my chest against the backrest, hands cuffed behidn back
1% (2) Inverted sitting on a chair, hands cuffed in front
6% (7) Sitting, my hands cuffed to something beside me ( table leg, radiator pipe etc. )
0% (1) My hands were free, I was secured to the object by the leg irons
2% (3) Sitting, only one of my hands was secured to something
21% (24) Standing, arms above head, hands secured to something which is overhead
16% (18) Standing, hands behind back secured to something behind me
6% (7) Standing, facing the wall, hands secured to something on the wall
26% (29) Standing, my arms spread wide, each wrist secured to a different point
4% (5) Standing, only one of my hands was secured to something
26% (29) Tied down or cuffed to a table / bed
40% (44) Tied or cuffed to a gyno table
5% (6) I was restrained to some other object or in a way not related to any of the options
20% (23) I had leg irons on while restrained to an object ( regardless which one )
69% (76) I was fully naked when I was restrained like this
3% (4) I was in my underwear
3% (4) I was topless
1% (2) i spent few minutes or less restrained like this
7% (8) About 10 minutes
13% (15) Up to half an hour
30% (34) About an hour
25% (28) Several hours or longer
43% (48) I was absolutely shocked and surprised to find myself restrained like this
10% (12) Embarresed, but i expected something like this
3% (4) It didnt bother me that much
17% (19) Actually I was more embarresed by how I am restrained then by my nudity
30% (33) I became aroused to be restrained in this way ( I am ashamed of it )
15% (17) I became aroused ( it doesnt bother me )

110 voters have answered this question.

- In case there were other individuals there undergoing a stripsearch in the same time as yourself: ( select all that applies )

9% (8) For an unknown reason, some were restrained while still naked or near naked but others were not ( i was among those who were not )
24% (20) For an unknown reason some were restrained while still naked or near naked, others were not ( i was among those restrained )
7% (6) There were others who were restrained , but we were all dressed
7% (6) They only restrained those who had something hidden on their person ( I was among them )
6% (5) They only restrained those who had something hidden on their person ( I was not among them )
7% (6) They avoided putting in restraints anyone who was under 18
17% (14) There were others who were restrained to an object, but not all in the same way
4% (4) Those who were done being searched, were taken outside and put in restraints there
17% (14) There were indeed others who were restrained the same way as I was, but at the time I was to confused or worried about other issues, to care much about how and why they organized things as they did
8% (7) My mother was one of those restrained to an object in my presence
6% (5) My mother told me later ( or you learned some other way ) that she was restrained to an object
34% (28) My sister(s) were restrained to an object
37% (31) My close female friends were also restrained the same way as i was
12% (10) I think I was among those who took the humiliation of the restrainmant with some dignity
24% (20) I was among those who couldnt supress their humiliation and shame , we cried hard ( or simular )

82 voters have answered this question.

- The Author of the poll is particulary interested in hearing more about how and why you were restrained, any more details you can share will be greatly appriciated. Thank You

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43 voters have answered this question.

- If you were NOT restrained in any way, did you have to remain in some of the following position during or right after the strip / cavity search ? ( select as many as apply, if the specific position is not listed select the closest )

16% (21) No, I was not required to remain in any specific position, I was completely unrestrained, and simply stood or sit there
4% (6) No special position, but I was required to face the wall
4% (6) I had to stand in somewhat rigid " at attention " manner, other then that no special position
8% (10) Standing, legs slightly spread, arms hanging by my side
20% (25) Standing, legs spread, arms held high above my head
31% (39) Standing, legs spread, hands clasped behind my neck or head
5% (7) Standing, legs slightly spread, I had to hold my arms crossed behind back
14% (18) Standing, legs spread, arms spread, supporting myself at the wall in front of me
2% (3) Sitting, hands clasped behind my neck or head
0% (0) Sitting, hands crossed behind my back
23% (29) Standing, legs spread, leaning over a chair or table
7% (9) Kneeling, hands held behind my neck or head
10% (13) I had to remain in some other position not closely related to any of the listed
8% (10) I had to face the wall, while holding the position
29% (36) i had to switch, between two or more of this positions during the stripsearch
6% (8) Others ( if there were others ) also had to hold one of this positions
20% (25) The position I had to hold was stressful to me
18% (23) The person in charge yelled at me if I changed position
15% (19) The person in charge thretened to restrain me if I move
14% (18) I was restrained at some point(s), but when i wasnt, I was ordered to assume one of the above positions
11% (14) I was also in one or more of this positions, at some other point while I was in castody ( situations not necesserly related to the strip / cavity search )

124 voters have answered this question.

- If there were others there also to be stripsearched, what was the order in which it was done ?

16% (17) We were brought in the room one by one and stripped in there, the others waited outside until they were finished with the one inside
13% (14) They were bringing us in the room in pairs of two or three, those had to strip all at once, the rest waited outside
33% (34) Everyone was in the room at the same time, but we were searched one by one while the others watched
3% (4) The others were not allowed to watch and told to turn around
0% (0) Everyone was in the room, but the one undergoing the search stood behind a screen
41% (42) All of us stripped in the same time, in full view of eachother
6% (7) First they brought the females in and searced us, then they brought in the males
36% (37) They cared nothing about our privacy or dignity, so males and females were stripsearched together
7% (8) The order in which we were stripsearched was organized in some other way not related to any of the options
17% (18) I didnt know any of the other persons there
32% (33) I knew some of them
16% (17) All or most others were my friends or family
39% (40) My impression was, the majority of the females were teenagers
13% (14) I think most of them were in their twenties
3% (4) In their thrties
0% (0) The majority seemed to be more mature women, late forties or fifites
7% (8) Agewise we were very mixed, anything from teenagers to Ladies in their late fifties

101 voters have answered this question.

- For those who had to take their clothes off while the others looked, select all that applies :

61% (73) I was very humiliated when everyone looked while i was taking my clothes off
4% (5) Even though we only had to strip to our underwear, I was still very humiliated when the others were looking at me
15% (18) I was embarresed, but also pleased when they could see how atractive my body is
4% (5) I was to preocupied thinking of my offence and its consequencies, to care much if they looked or not or to be embarresed
8% (10) I have little problem to be naked in front of others, so i wasnt bothered much
6% (8) Not only I wasnt embarresed much, I infact teased everyone else or made a show out of my stripping ( or simular )
5% (7) Luckily for me the other(s) were my friends who have seen me naked before anyway, so not a big deal
8% (10) I didnt care if they looked or not, I just wanted to get this over with and to be out of there
13% (16) Some of those to be stripsearched were males, this is what bothered me, if there were only females looking it wasnt going to be a big problem
10% (13) In normal situations i dont mind to be the center of the attention, but on this occasion I hated it !
6% (8) I cant say I was aroused, but I kind of liked the fact I am made the center of the attention
23% (28) All those females looking at me while I was taking my clothes off made me aroused or excited ( or simular )
25% (30) I admit I looked closely when the other females were taking their clothes off
13% (16) Despite having more important issues to think of, I found myself comparing their looks with my own ( or simular )
6% (8) There was nothing else to look at, so i looked at them
17% (21) I am a lesbian / bi, the reason why I was looking at them is obvios

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- If your mother was there also for a stripsearch, did this make it better or worse for you ?

25% (8) Her presence didnt make the situation any worse or better, she couldnt do anything about it anyway
12% (4) I felt some reasurance by her presence there
32% (10) Somehow, her presence made me even more embarresed then I was otherwise going to be
19% (6) I think she was more ashamed then I was by the whole situation
9% (3) I was irritated beacouse she was overprotective and tried to argue on my behalf all the time
25% (8) My mother was to preocupied by her own shame, and did little to sopport me
6% (2) She was very brave and dignified, which made me stronger also
22% (7) Having to watch how she is undergoing a cavity search was worse then having to endure it myself
29% (9) She was crying when it was my turn to undergo a cavity search

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- Was there a cavity search of some kind ?

15% (29) No, nothing of the sort
0% (0) No, i told them where the object is hidden and took it out myself, they decided there is no need for further examination ( or simular )
2% (4) There wasnt one beacouse they already found what they were looking for in my clothes
0% (0) No, they wanted to do a cavity search, but decided not to after I thretened with legal action against them
7% (15) They found something in my clothes or outside on the surface of my body which wasnt sopposed to be there. This only made them more determined to do a full cavity search
17% (34) Yes, i had an oral search
74% (144) Yes, complete oral vaginal, anal
35% (68) I was in one or more of the positions described earlier while undergoing the cavity search
8% (16) I have undergone a cavity search more then once, and I was never restrained
35% (68) I have undergone a cavity search more then once and i was restrained in most or all of those times
27% (53) I was given an enema

193 voters have answered this question.

- Other details : Select any of the following options relevant for your case

7% (15) Despite my relative cooperation I showed hostility and used rude language towards those in charge
21% (40) I think I was kept naked for longer as punishmant for my rudeness
12% (23) They actually told me i am going to be kept naked for longer for my rudeness
9% (18) They told me they are going to handcuff me as a form of punishmant if i dont shut up
2% (4) One of the two above threats was enough for me to shut up
1% (3) i was placed in a straight jacket while still naked ( I was drunk )
1% (2) i was allowed to dress before they put me in a straight jacket ( I was drunk )
3% (7) I was not drunk, but i was placed in a straight jacket beacouse i was ressistful or unruly
2% (5) I am not sure why I was put in a straight jacket, in my openion there was no valid reason
21% (40) I was hit, at least once while the strip / cavity search was going on
12% (24) I was yalled at and thretened to be hit for no apperant reason ( I think I cooperated well enough )
17% (32) I used lot more polite language while adressing the person in charge, then I normally do in other situation
43% (81) I was very submissive and obediant
11% (21) Most of the others ( if there were others ) tended to be as obediant as i was
28% (54) I shivered, the room was cold
26% (49) I shivered in fear and shame
22% (42) I shivered in shame and excitemant, I was aroused
13% (25) I noticed some of the others were shivering as well
9% (17) I was sweating, the room was very hot
17% (33) I was sweating out of nervousness
8% (16) I noticed some of the other females were also sweating a lot, even though it wasnt very hot
9% (18) I was nervous, but I only started to sweat hard when the cavity search begin
14% (28) i cried pritty much thru the entire strip / cavity search
13% (25) I wimpered now and then, but wasnt crying openly or hard
11% (21) I only started crying when it was time for the cavity search
13% (25) I started crying when they restrained me in a shameful position while i was still not dressed
35% (66) The person(s) in charge openly gave sexual comments about my body
5% (10) The comments actually came from some of the others who were there to be stripsearched
2% (5) I admit i was one of those who commented in a rude way while some of the others were getting naked
12% (24) The comments i got about my body were actually positive ( like compliments )
40% (77) The person who was doing the examination lifted my breasts to look under them ( I was not allowed to do it myself )
13% (25) I was told to lift my breasts so they can look under them
22% (42) I could not lift my breasts ( i was restrained
15% (29) The cavity search was not very painful, but I cried out of pure humiliation
23% (44) In my openion the cavity search was very painful
13% (25) The cavity search was painful, but i bravely kept my mouth shut and did not cry
8% (16) I maniged to get thru the strip / cavity search without crying, but I did so later when I had more privacy
14% (27) Many of the others cried while they were undergoing the cavity search
41% (78) My nipples were hard ( I was ashamed of it )
17% (32) My nipples were hard ( this didnt bother me )
24% (46) The vaginal exam was by far the worst part of the whole procedure
35% (66) The anal exam was the worst part of the whole procedure
46% (88) I was photographed while still fully naked
5% (10) I was photographed while in my underwear
52% (99) i was interrogated / questioned while i was still fully naked
6% (12) I was interrogated / questioned while in my underwear
24% (46) I was interrogated, while I was restrained in one of the positions described earlier

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- Where were you taken right after the strip / cavity search ended ?

33% (60) I wasnt taken anywhere, I was just told to go away
2% (5) I was taken to a police station where I was going to be charged
5% (9) I was taken home by a police officer, there were not any paperwork formalities before my release ( or simular )
6% (12) I had to be handcuffed while the officer was driving me home, even though all the charges against me were dropped
10% (19) i was taken or told to go back to the waiting room until the formalities and the paperwork for my release can be done ( or waiting for the person who had to pick me up )
3% (7) i was taken back to the main part of the police station to wait there until some of the paperwork formalities can be done or to wait to be picked up by someone
12% (22) I was still handcuffed while waiting for the formalities of my releas
3% (7) I was taken to a Detectives office to be asked few more questions before i am released ( I dont consider this an interrogation )
20% (37) I was taken to an interrogation room, or the place where the interrogation is going to be done
3% (6) I was immidiately taken to court
11% (21) I was taken to the place in school where I was going to do my school detention
8% (15) To the principles office at school, to get lectured for what I have done
17% (31) i was taken to a jail cell ( in police station not in prison )
8% (15) I was taken back to my prison cell
3% (6) I was taken to another place in prison
24% (43) I was escorted to a boarding gate ( if the stripsearch happened at an airport )

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- Did they find anything hidden, and if so what was it ?

68% (128) No they havent, there was nothing to be found
5% (10) No they havent, it was already taken during the frisk earlier, they stripsearched me thinking I have more stuff hidden
6% (13) Yes, they found something in my clothes ( clothes other then underwear )
3% (6) In my socks
5% (10) In my bra
6% (13) In my panties
2% (4) Under my breasts
0% (0) The object was taped to me belly
0% (0) Taped to my arm
2% (4) To my inner thighs
0% (1) Under my armpits
0% (1) In my hair
1% (2) in my mouth
13% (25) In my vagina
10% (20) in my anus
8% (16) They found drugs
2% (4) They found illegal substancies other then drugs
5% (11) Stolen items
2% (4) A weapon or other dangerous objects
6% (12) Ciggaretes ( I was underage and was not sopposed to have any )
3% (7) Other objects or substancies which they considered ilegal or I was not sopposed to have
8% (16) The items they found ( which were legal ) were my property but I never maniged to explain this to them, so i was treated as if I have stolen them
4% (9) At first they assumed what they found on me was stolen, but i maniged to explain the items are my property, they were returned and I was released ( or simular )

187 voters have answered this question.

- If something was found, what were the direct consequencies or the punishmant ?

4% (3) The object was taken from me, and i was told to go away, no further consequencies
12% (9) They spend short time telling me scary stories about how i can go to prison for this, but after this i was told to go away
6% (5) I was allowed to go after I was given a harsh lecture and made to promise I am not going to do this again, no further consequencies
24% (18) I was placed in school detention
47% (35) I was physically punished at school
4% (3) i was given a none physical punishmant at home
39% (29) i was physically punished at home
6% (5) I lost my job
22% (17) I spent up to few hours detained by security guards while they decided what to do with me
22% (17) I was arrested and charged
20% (15) I spent few hours to a day in a police jail before i was released
9% (7) I spent few hours to a day in a police jail, before I was taken to court
5% (4) I spent up to few days in a police jail before I was released
13% (10) I spent few days in a police jail before i appeared in court
5% (4) I was serving time in prison at the time and i was put in a solitary confinmant
10% (8) i was given some other punishmant in prison

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- If nothing was found during the strip / cavity search :

38% (54) I was simply told to go away, no appologies of any sort
15% (21) They said i could go and they are sorry, but they didnt seem very sorry to me
8% (12) They appologized and they seemed genuinly sorry for what they have done to me
4% (6) I was still arrested for a different reason
7% (11) I was already arrested when searched, some of the charges were dropped since they found nothing, but i remained detained for a different reason
14% (20) I was kept detained by security guards for a different reason
13% (19) i had to spend some time in jail before I was released
12% (17) I was punished in prison for a different reason
16% (23) i was still placed in school detention
10% (15) I was punished at home for a different reason

140 voters have answered this question.

- Did you ever get the impression, you were subjected to the stripsearch for reasons other then just to look for hidden items ?

11% (19) No, I dont think so, everything seemed quick, technical and purfanctory
10% (17) No, I dont think so, they were very professional, polite, i just didnt get the impression they wanted anything else but to do their job
8% (15) Probably not, the search was done in a professional way, if they had some alterior motives they were hiding them well
11% (20) At the time i didnt think so, but now that you are asking, the search I underwent could have been meant to intimidate me
39% (67) I think, all they really wanted was an excuse to see me naked
32% (55) My impression was, they were bored, and wanted to amuse themselves for a while by tormenting and humiliating me
24% (41) I was sure then, and I am sure now, the search was a form of intimidation
20% (35) When I was searched the first time, I could be fooled they are looking for stuff, but when a second ( or more ) stripsearches were ordered after the first one, I knew that was nothing but a way of putting preasure on me
20% (35) In my case it worked, the strip / cavity search rattled me so much, I was ready to be very cooperative just to be done with the whole thing ( or simular )

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- How did the participation in this poll make you feel ?

10% (19) i wasnt feeling much of anything
18% (32) A little embarresed
20% (36) Embarresed and surprised with myself that I am taking the time to participate
12% (21) I am very embarresed
13% (23) Somehow it feels as if I am stripsearched all over again while answering to those questions
4% (8) I feel angry and irritated
16% (29) Excited, for the possibility to share the story of this humiliating event while remaining anonymos
9% (16) Embarresed but somehow feeling obligated to share my story
4% (8) The poll made me cry
4% (7) It feels good to be able to get this out of me and share it with others who have been thru the same nightmare
1% (3) I feel helpful, when others hear about my story and the humiliations i went thru, they will be less inclined to do something unlawful
27% (48) I am a bit aroused, and ashamed of it
14% (25) I am a bit aroused, it doesnt bother me much

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- What do you think about the poll, does it need any improvemants ?

61% (90) The poll was generally ok
19% (29) One of the more detailed polls I have seen on this subject
18% (27) I wasnt really expecting to find a poll on this subject
9% (14) There were few surprising questions or surprising options in some of the questions
8% (12) Looks like you have done some reaserch and thinking over this subject before you created the poll
13% (20) I wished there were more options in some of the questions
14% (22) You forgot to ask about some things which could have been very interesting
9% (14) Please select, if this is the first time you are participating in a poll on this subject

147 voters have answered this question.

- If you have more things to say, or you wish to describe the strip / cavity search from start to finish in your own words, then please do so here. Thank you for taking the time to participate, and if possible have a look at my other polls by clicking on my nickname bellow. The other polls are on a simular subject as this one

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