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could u beat me up ?

who would win in a fite me or u ?
what race are you ?
how tall are you ?
are you a female or a male ?
female .
male .
how much do you weigh ?
what is your shoe size ?
rate your pain tolerance 1-10 . 1 means low tolerance to pain and 10 means high
rate your fighting skills 1-10. 1 means you dont even know how to fight and 10 means you can fight really good .
rate your upper body strength 1-10 . 1 means you cant do any pushups and 10 is 50 or more pushups without stopping .
lower body strength [legs] 1-10 . 1 is weak and 10 is strong
ab strength 1-10. 1 means you can only do 20 or less sit ups a minute and 10 is if you can do 100 or more
how many fights have you been in ?
how many of them did u win ?
how old are you ?
these are my stats. white. 5 feet 2 inches tall. male. 108. shoe size 7. pain tolerance 3. fighting skills 1. upper body strength 2. lower body strength 4. ab strength 2. i never been in a fight. im 16. if me and you got in a fight wearing a tshirt and shorts no footware or gloves who would win?
describe what happens in the fight . are eather of us crying ? are eather of us knocked out ?
leave a message and take my other polls plz ?
This poll was created on 2013-06-14 08:43:47 by jv1993